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Q: Can a triangle be tessellated
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Can a regular hexagon be tessellated?

Yes. A regular tessellation can be created from either an equilateral triangle, a square, or a hexagon.

A section of tessellated plane is shown which type of symmetry does the tessellated plane have?


What does it mean when a figure tessellated?

A chessboard is tessellated, so I assume it is a figure that is checkered.

Can a pentagon be tessellated?


Using a tessellated scalene triangle what transformations can map the tessellation onto itself?

Translations, in the direction of a side of the triangle by a distance equivalent to any integer multiple of its length.Rotation about any vertex by 180 degrees.

Are all types of triangles able to tessellate?

Yes, all triangles can be tessellated. To tessellate any triangle, take six instances of the triangle and arrange them such that they form a hexagon. This will be a repeatable pattern so being a tessellation

Can a regular pentagon be tessellated?


Can triangles be tessellated?


Which figures cannot be tessellated?

idont know people i really search ervery single information but theres nothing its a hexagon,square,circleor an equilateral triangle

What regular polygons can be tessellated?

In a normal plane, only regular polygons with interior angles that are a factor of 360o can be tessellated. This means only three shapes: the regular (equilateral) triangle, the regular quadrilateral (square) and the regular hexagon. If the line were considered a regular polygon (with only two sides) then it would also be included in this list.

What two shapes can not be tessellated?

star and circle

What Latin root word does tessellated come from?


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