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Q: What two terms is the following line an example of such welcome and unwelcome things at once?
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Clouds are an example of this?

Clouds are an example of many things. They belong to the following categories: fluffy things things made of water vapor atmospheric phenomena objects found in the natural world objects at high elevation

What is the use of icons in menu bar?

it represents things that are located in the menu bar for example the computer it represents my you know! ^^,>>ur welcome!!!!

The following is an example of which type of figurative language his punch was like a ton of bricks?

It is an example of a simile. Similes use "like" or "as" to compare two things.

Sentence for mystic?

Mystic is a following of mysticism. An example sentence would be: The things the mystic told her and her friends were amazing.

Which of the following is an example of learned optimism?

Eric, who had a bad childhood but believes that he can do great things and that his life is in his own hands

Explaining or interpreting the things you observe?

inference. your welcome

What are respectful things to say to people?

thank you your welcome

Why is fiberglass useful?

because it can make a lot of things :D.... you are welcome

What does urw mean?

It can mean two things are weird are welcome

What types of things were put on totem poles?

faces of the indian leaders :) your welcome :)

What is the natufian Complex?

go into google and type things like "the natufians" or "natufian history" things like that and lots of things will come up about them! :) your welcome

What is personifiction?

Personification is the application of human attributes to non-living things. For example, many people personify their vehicles, as in the following statement about a car, 'She is temperamental in the morning.'