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120 and 3.

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Q: What two whole numbers equal 123?
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Related questions

What two prime numbers equal 123 when multiplied?

When multiplied together, 3 and 41 equal 123.

What two consecutive numbers when added equal 123?

They are 61+62 = 123

What are two consecutive whole numbers that are equal to 20.5?

Not possible, two whole numbers can't equal to a number with a half.

What two consecutive whole numbers lie between the square root of 123?

between which two consecutive integers does the square root lie 123

What two numbers equal 123 and have a difference of 45?

39 and 84.

What two numbers equal 123?

two numbers which are equal to 123:123 + 0122 + 1121 + 2120 + 3 ...

Are two whole numbers added always a whole number?

Yes, any two whole numbers added together will equal a whole number.

What two page numbers that are beside each other equal 245?

122 and 123.

A number's sum is 95.The difference of the two numbers is 19.They are both whole numbers.What are the two numbers?

84 + 39 = 123 84- 39 = 45 84 + 39 = 123 84- 39 = 45

What is anouther name for rational and irrational numbers?

Another name for 'rational' is "numbers that are equal to the ratio of two whole numbers". Another name for 'irrational' is "numbers that are not equal to the ratio of any two whole numbers".

What is the consecutive whole numbers of 0.5625?

No two consecutive whole numbers equal 0.5625 using the basic operations of arithmetic.

What does 123 123 plus (-123 123)?

123123 + -123123 = 0. Whenever you have two numbers added together of equal value, but one is negative and the other positive, e.g. 5 + -5 or 7 + -7, the answer is always 0.

What two numbers multiply together to equal 15 and add together to equal 7?


What are two consecutive whole numbers equal 158?

The sum of any two consecutive whole numbers must be odd. 158 is not odd. Therefore the question has no valid answer.

Can the product of two mixed numbers equal a whole number?


What two numbers multiplied equal -3 but when added equal 4?


What two factors equal 25.5?

Factors refer to whole numbers, not decimals.

What two whole numbers such that when they are multiplied equal 24999999 and when subtracted equal the smallest possible number?

4999 and 5001

What is the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100?

That could be any whole number less than or equal to 100.

What is the sum of two consecutive whole numbers?

The sum of any two consecutive whole numbers is always odd, and equal to one more than twice the first number (2x+1).

When is the sum of two decimals equal to a whole number?

This will happen if the fractional parts of the numbers sum to 1.

What two numbers when multiplied equal negative 19 and also can be added to equal 9?


What two whole numbers multiplied together equal 37077605235997?

1 and 37077605235997, for one pair.

What to numbers multiplied together make 13?

There are no two WHOLE NUMBERS that equal 13 besides the obvious 1 & 13.

Which are add numbers?

Odd numbers are those that cannot be evenly split into two equal amounts of whole numbers. For instance, 4 can be split into two equal amounts of 2; 6 can be split into 3. These are called "Even" numbers because they can be split into even (or equal) amounts. An odd number like 1, or 3, or 5, or 7 and so on cannot be split into two equal amounts of whole numbers. They are called, "odd" numbers simply because they are not 'Even' numbers. They could have been called, "Uneven" numbers, but a shorter word seemed easier. Odd, isn't it.