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Q: What type of IPv4 address is
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What type of address is ipv4 address?

The address space of IPV4 is limited to 4294967296 possible unique addresses.

How many address in IPv4 address?

32 bits in a IPv4 address

What type of address is

That's an iPv4 address. (4 bytes, 32 bits)

What is the difference between ipv4 and ip address?

IPV4 is a kind of IP Address.

How many bits are in TCP IPv4 ip address?

a TcP IPv4 ip address has 32 bits.

What is the size of today's standard (IPv4) IP address?

The size of an IPv4 address is 32 bits, or 4 bytes.

What defines an IPv4 logical network?

Hosts with the same network portion of their IPv4 address.

What is the difference between your IPv4 address and your IP address?

IP is the internet protocol that uniquely identifies a system on a network and there is no difference between IP and IPv4 infact IPv4 is a version of like IPv6.

How do you get your i p address in Windows 7?

Press and hold the Windows start key on the keyboard (just left of the space bar) and press "r". (If you are not sure about this just press start and type "run" and press enter). You should now get the command prompt. Type "ipconfig" do not type the quotation marks > then press enter. You will see IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. The IPv4 Address.......... then the number is your IP Address.

Which characteristic describes an IPv6 enhancement over IPv4?

IPv6 has a larger address space compared to IPv4, allowing for more unique addresses. This solves the issue of address exhaustion seen in IPv4.

What is the broadcast address on IPv4 networks?

The broadcast address on IPv4 networks is the subnet address, padded on the right with ones. For example, if the subnet address is 192.168.x.y, with a subnet mask of, then the broadcast address is

What three facts are true about the network portion of an IPv4 address?

The IPv4 address is identical for all hosts in a broadcast domain. The IPv4 addresse varies in length. The IPv4 address is used to forward packets.