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The hands form a right angle. At 3 o'clock, the minute hand points straight up, and the hour hand points straight to the right.

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Q: What type of angle would be formed by a clock's hands when it is 3?
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What type of angle would be formed by a clocks hand when it is 9?

45 degree

What angle would be formed at 430 by the hands on a clock?

45 degrees.

What angle do the hands make at 448?

It would be an acute angle. The angle would be at 88 degrees.

What is Formed by 2 rays?

The answer would be an angle.

What type of of angle would be formed if the hands on a clock read 1230?

At 12:30 the hour hand would be halfway between 12 and 1. So on the right hand side there would be an obtuse angle (165 degreees) whereas on the left there would be a reflex angle (195 degrees).

What type 25 angle would be formed by a clock's hand when it is12.25?

At 12:25, the hands of a clock make two angles, one of 137.5 degrees (an obtuse angle) and the other of 222.5 degrees.

What is the figure formed by two straight lines meeting at a point called?

That would be an "angle".

What is the measure of the angle formed by the hands of a clock at 130?

Every minute on a clock is 6 degrees, making every five minutes where the numbers are 30 degrees. In theory, hands on the 1 and 6 would would show an angle of 150 degrees. In actuality, the hour hand moves halfway between the 1 and 2 by 1:30 making the angle 135 degrees.

What is the angle formed by the hands of a clock at 1021?

I like your question. The hour hand is 10/60 from vertical, which reduces to 1/6. Converting to degrees (there are 360 degrees in a circle), would mean 1/6 of 360, resulting in 60. 21 minutes from vertical is 21/60, but since degrees are 6 times more than minutes, the product of 21 and 6 is 126. The clockwise angle is therefore 60 + 126 = 186. Since 186 is larger the a straight line, one might also answer that the angle formed on the Southwest side of the two hands is 174 (360 - 186). There are two angles formed by the hands in the circle.

What is an angle that is formed on the outside of a polygon by extending one side?

The size of the angle would depend on the shape and number of sides the polygon has. It is called the exterior angle.

How much money would you make in one week if you made 5 every time the hands of a clock formed a 90 degree angle?

you would get 140 dollars because a clock forms a 90 degree angle only 4 times a day and if you multiply 4 and 7 you would get 28 multiply by 5 and you get 140$

What types of angles would be formed if a reflex angle was bisected?

Two obtuse angles.

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