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45 degree

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Q: What type of angle would be formed by a clocks hand when it is 9?
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What type of angle is formed on a clock when it's 10 minutes after 12?

Assuming the hour hand moves steadily for the entirety of the hour, the angle formed by the hour and minute hand would be 55 degrees.

What kind of angle is formed by the hand of 3o clock?

90 degrees - a right angle

What type of of angle would be formed if the hands on a clock read 1230?

At 12:30 the hour hand would be halfway between 12 and 1. So on the right hand side there would be an obtuse angle (165 degreees) whereas on the left there would be a reflex angle (195 degrees).

What type of angle would be formed by a clock's hands when it is 3?

The hands form a right angle. At 3 o'clock, the minute hand points straight up, and the hour hand points straight to the right.

What is the measure of the angle formed by a clock when it is 7?

When it is 7:00, the hour hand and minute hand of a 12-hour clock form a 150° angle.

What is the measure of the angle formed by the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the clock shows 300?

90 degrees

What type 25 angle would be formed by a clock's hand when it is12.25?

At 12:25, the hands of a clock make two angles, one of 137.5 degrees (an obtuse angle) and the other of 222.5 degrees.

What are clocks that are not digital called?

Analog clocks have an hour hand and minute hand, and 12 numbers around a circle.

What angle is created on a clock when it reads 12.40?

To be precise, as the little hand will also have moved, the answer would not be 240° for the large angle and 120° for the small angle, as some might say. The little hand will have moved 20°, so the answer would be that the large angle would be 220° and the small angle would be 140°.

The Statue of Liberty holds the torch in what hand?

the right hand if you were possibly looking at a picture, from that angle it would be left, and suppose you were behind the statue of liberty, from that angle, the torch would be in the right hand

Did quails unlimited hand out clocks?

No....No they didnt

Why is 330 on clock not a right angle?

For 3:30 to be a right angle, the hour hand would point to the 3 and the minute hand would point to the 6. But the hour hand will be halfway between the 3 and the 4, hence not a right angle.Also, at 3:30 the angle of the hour hand would be at 105 degrees, the minute hand at 180, and the angular distance between both would be 75 degrees.

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