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extension movement

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Q: What type of angular movement is Straightens the knees to move from squatting position to a standing position?
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What is ready position in volleyball an how is it used?

ready position is when you are down in the squatting position, waiting for the ball to come back to your side, or when the other team is serving, or just waiting for the ball in general. They use this so you are low and have a better aim when the ball comes to you, its better to be low then to be standing.

What is the posture and gesture of Muslims in mosques?

Muslims start their prayers in a standing position and will perform full body prostrations called "haraka" (حركة) - meaning "movement". After each haraka, the Muslim will resume a standing position.

Why does standing position affect Blood Pressure?

A standing position affects your blood pressure because you move to get into a standing position, causing your heart rate to rise.

What is the fundamental standing position?

Anatomical position and fundamental position are different. Fundamental position in standing with palms facing the body. Anatomical position is standing with the palms facing forward and thumbs pointing away from the body.

What is the creature to sleep in standing position?

The horse is one animal that is capable of sleeping in a standing position.

What is standing pulse?

It is the taking of the patient's pulse when he/she is in the standing position.

What is a standing up 69?

a Standing 69 is an oral sex position where the man standing upright flips his partner into the oral sex position for each

What does position mean?

Position means a place of witch someone works in or is standing ex. I am standing in a very uncomfortable position or I got a new position at work today.

Is blood pressure higher in supine position than in standing position?

Much higher in supine position than in standing position. Particularly high when I get up in the morning.

How is anatomical position different than the typical standing position?

They are the same in standing but the palms are facing forward held at the side.

What are the fundamental positions of gymnastics?

the fundamental positions of gymnastics are :Standing funamental Position,Knee-standing fundamental Position,Lying fundamental PositionHanging fundamental Position,

What is the least steady shooting position for firing a weapon?

Standing Position

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