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Answer PrescriptionsA Medical Degree, or M.D.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have autonomy; they write scripts.

Physician Assistants (PAs) can write scripts under the license and direction of MDs.

Vets write scripts for our animal friends : )

All of these except the vet one.

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Q: What type of degree do you need to write prescriptions fpr Texas?
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yes an optometrist can write a precription but you need your mothers permission before doing anything

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What is a DEA prescription number?

A DEA number is assigned to a medical provider. This number allows them to write prescriptions for medications their patients may need. The DEA number is registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency so that prescriptions can be tracked if necessary.

Can optometrists write a prescription for restasis?

An optometrist is licensed to provide glasses and contacts. You will need a doctor to write the prescription for Restasis, an suppressant for the eye. An ophthalmologist can prescribe medications.

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Texas currently requires a certificate rather than a degree. Such courses can be taken at community colleges, or vocational schools.

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I need a grant to cover my medical bills and living expenses. I also need money for my prescriptions. Do I qualify?

I need a grant to cover my medical bills and living expenses. I also need money for my prescriptions. Do I qualify?”

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It depends on your insurance. Most insurance will cover some of the cost, the same as other prescriptions.

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Yes, they most definitely do. If your pharmacy does not put the expiration dates on your prescriptions, you need to call and see if any prescriptions in question are still good. Taking certain medications after they expire can cause serious illness, and even death.

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