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It is the point of a dihedral (solid) angle.

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Q: What type of figure is a vertex of a cube?
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Which part of a cube is a vertex?

A vertex of a cube is its corner points. A cube has 8 vertices and six faces. It also has 12 edges. A cube is a three-dimensional figure.

What is the definition for vertex in math?

It is the lines of a cube or a figure...... * * * * * No, a vertex is where they meet!

What is vertex on cube?

A cube has no vertex

Does a cube have a vertex?

Yes a cube has a vertex. In fact a cube has a total of 8 vertices and is a 3 dimensional shape.

What is a vertices on a solid figure?

A vertex on a cube, for example, is where any three edges meet. On a pyramid (square type) it could be at the point on the top or the 4 bottom edges. :)

What is the vertex of a cube?

A vertex is defined as the place where two or more straight lines meet. A cube has eight vertices, which are the corners of the cube.

What solid figure has 4 more edges than vertex?

Cube (12 x E, 8 x V)

Vertex of a cube?


Where is the vertex on a cube?

In any of the corners

How many vertex does a cube have?


What are the coordinates of another vertex of the figure A figure has a vertex at (-1 -3). If the figure has line symmetry about the x-axis.?

It is (-1, 3).

A figure has a vertex at -1 -3 if the figure has line of symmetry about the x-axis what are the coordinates of another vertex of the figure?


How many edges of the cube meet at each vertex?

Three edges meet at each vertex.

How do you figure out a rubix cubes?

Type 'rubik's cube solution in google!

How many vertex of cube?

A cube has 8 vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces

What type of three dimensional figure is composed of 6 squares?

A cube. Each side is a square, and a cube has 6 sides.

A solid figure formed where three or more edges meet?

vertex vertex

Does a cube have vertices?

Yes of course. A vertex is a corner were several lines intersect. A cube has 8 Vertices.

What is a space figure with one cicrular base and vertex?

This figure is a CONE.

What are vertices in geometry?

Vertices are the points on a polygon where the sides/edges of a figure come together. A cube, for example, has 8 vertices. The singular form of vertices is vertex.

Do faces and sides have the same meaning in a cube?

Generally the side or facet of a cube is called the faceof that cube, so the answer is yes. The other two terms we apply to the cube are edge and vertex, and with a bit of though, you can easily figure out how they are applied. Of you can use the link below for more information.

Where is a vertex on a cube?

It is one of the points at which three faces meet.

How many vertex dose an cube have?

I would say 8

How many edges of the cube meet each vertex?


Why or why not is a cube a polygon?

It is because a polygon is 2D figure while a cube is a 3D figure.

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