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What type of math strategys they use in sport that has to do with math?

alot of sports use geometry and trigonometry such as for soccer, you would want to calculate the optimal force and angle required for a good pass

What type of shows does ABC sports provide?

ABC sports provides the following shows: ABC Radio Sports, Monday Night Football, Wide World of Sports, and X-Games. They also broadcast numerous games in various sports such as basketball, baseball, and hockey.

What type of radio services does Real Radio provide in the UK?

Real Radio provides contemporary adult music through a number of independent stations in the UK. Local sports, news and chat are also a part of the broadcasts.

What is radio used for?

A radio is used to listen to broadcasts of things such as music and entertainment. Many different companies own radio stations and can use them for any type of entertainment they like, such as sports, music, or talk shows. A radio is used when the electricity is out to figure out the latest news.

What type of math was invented by the Muslims?

the type of math that was invented by the Muslims was algebra

What type of math do pharmacists use?

Latin Math

What type of shows are played on Radio 2?

The BBC's Radio 2 offers a few different types of shows including comedies, documentaries, drama, entertainment, factual, learning, news, performance & events as well as sports.

How can you get math worksheets with answers?

All you have to do is type math answer worksheets, and you will get answers of math problems.

What is the difference between math and science?

Math is a type of science.

What type of math did Isaac Newton associate with?

advanced math

Why type of math do pediatrician have to know?

They have to know basic math.

Are radio waves a type of mechanical wave or a type of electromagnetic wave?

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave.

How do you download fastt math?

just go on google and type fastt math then click on fastt math web application and type username and password

Is calculus a type of math?

Yes calculus is a type of math that deals with the study of continuously changing quantities.

What is a math investigation?

When children study a type of math and then take a test on it.

What type of math did kelly miller study?

Normal math........................LOl

What type of radio station is Westwood One?

Westwood One was an American radio station that broadcast many programmes such as news, the weather and sports. The station was famous for its coverage of live events, such as its broadcast of a concert by the Grateful Dead in June 1989.

What type of wavelengths can radio telescopes detect?

Only radio.

What is the type of electromagnetic radiation used in a radio?

Radio waves.

What type of math and science was used to create the gas mask?

a lot of math

What math was Isaac Newton known for?

Isaac is known for calculus which is a type of math

What type of math is do you need to become a police officer?

Basic math is sufficient.

What type of math does an environmental scientist use?

triginometrical units of math and calculometry

Where can you go to type in a math question and get an answer for it for FREE?

It depends what kind of math problem it is

What type of math is used in science?

3 areas of physics that utilize math