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The ounce is a unit of mass but it can also be used as a unit of volume. It is not a standard international unit.

A standard unit of mass is kilogram and

unit for volume is cubic metres. 1000 L = 1 m3

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Q: What type of measurement is ounces?
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How do you convert ounces to kilometers?

You cannot convert ounces to kilometers. Ounces are a measurement of weight. Kilometers are a measurement of distance.

US coins are weighed by what type of measurement?

Some are weighed by ounces but most are weighed by grams.

What system of measurement uses ounces and ft?

Ounces and feet are units of measurement in the English system.

How much ounces are there in a millimetre?

Ounces are a measurement of weight, millimetres are a measurement of length, the two do not mix.

How many ounces does 5 millimeters equal?

Ounces is an imperial measurement of weight & Milimetres is a metric measurement of length: Your Q is unanswerable.

Is ounces a type of measurement?

Yes, ounces is a measure for liquids. ============================= Ounces is a dry weight measurement (ounces and pounds, oz and lbs). Fluid ounces is volume measure for liquids (Fluid ounces, pints, quarts and gallons, fl oz, pt, qt, gal).

Is two centimeters bigger than eight ounces?

This question isn't valid, centimeters are measurement of length while ounces are a measurement of weight. Incase you meant to type inches instead of ounces (1 inch = 2.54 Centimeters) so two centimeters is substantially smaller than two inches, let alone eight.

What is 300 mg in measurement?

24 ounces

What is the measurement for 1.6 cups?

That is 12.8 ounces

What is the uses of ounces?

It's a unit of measurement

What measurement is more precise 3 pounds or 50 ounces?

50 ounces, of course!

How many grams are in 88 ounces?

omg u bunch of noobs go on google and type in 8.8 ounces it gives u the exact measurement at the top anyway the answer if u havnt already figured it out is 249.475804 grams