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Squares of prime numbers, among others.

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Q: What type of numbers have 2 factor pairs?
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What 2 pairs of numbers has 8 as the common factor?


Why do the factor pairs 2 and 16 and 16 and 2 count as one of the pairs?

Because a pair of numbers is a pair of numbers.

What do they mean if they say name 2 different factors pairs for each number?

Prime numbers have one factor pair. Composite numbers have two or more pairs. (6,8) and (4,12) are two different factor pairs for 48.

What is the difference between factor pairs and distinct factor pairs?

The difference is between factor pairs and distinct factors. With square numbers, one of the factor pairs will be the same number twice. When listing the distinct factors, that number is only listed once.

What are all the factor pairs of 52?

Factors are numbers you can multiply together to get another number. The factor pairs are: (1, 52) (2, 26) (4, 13)

What are the factor pairs of 24 in prime numbers?

The prime factors of 24 are 2 and 3

What does factor pairs mean?

All numbers have factors. It is possible to list them as pairs. The factors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12. The factor pairs of 12 are (12,1)(6,2)(4,3)

What are extend factor pairs?

its numbers that are extend examples:12:2*6,3*4,1*12,

What factor pairs are 98 and both the numbers equal 51?

The factor pairs of 98 are :- 1 x 98 2 x 49 7 x 14 The pairing that total 51 are 2 and 49.

What are the factor pairs of NEGATIVE numbers?

So, when two negative numbers multiply, their product is a positive number (Remember the rule: minus x minus = plus). So, both the numbers in the factor pair should be either negative or positive to give a positive number as a product. For example: (-3 and -6) and (-2 and -9) form factor pairs for 18.

What is number 2 factor 2 factor pairs?

factor a^2-b^2

Does factor pairs mean one or two numbers?

A factor pair is two numbers. A factor pair is the set of two factors that when multiplied together result in the number of which they are factors. For example, the factors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. The factor pairs are 1 x 12, 2 x 6, and 3 x 4.