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So, when two negative numbers multiply, their product is a positive number (Remember the rule: minus x minus = plus). So, both the numbers in the factor pair should be either negative or positive to give a positive number as a product. For example: (-3 and -6) and (-2 and -9) form factor pairs for 18.

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The numbers are the same as positive numbers, just the signs change. Write out the factor pairs as if the number were positive, but make one of the numbers positive and one negative. Now write the same pairs over again and reverse the signs. Negative numbers have twice as many factor pairs as positive numbers do.

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Q: What are the factor pairs of NEGATIVE numbers?
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How many different pairs of whole numbers make 8 when multiplied?

Eight has two factor pairs. Including their negative counterparts, that makes four pairs.

How factors different from factor pairs?

Factors are single numbers. Factor pairs are listed in pairs.

How many factor pairs can you find for 12 if factors can be positive negative zero?

12 has three factor pairs, six if you count their negative counterparts.

What are the factor pairs of .361?

Factor pairs refer to whole numbers, not decimals. The factor pair of 361 is (361,1)

What numbers between 50 and 100 have 5 factor pairs?

80 has 5 factor pairs.

Explain how to find factor pairs of numbers?

84 factor is

What numbers have the least amount of factor pairs?

Prime numbers have one factor pair.

What are the factor pairs of six?

The factor pairs of 6 are : 6 and 1, 3 and 2. The negative equivalents are also factor pairs -6 and -1, -3 and -2.

What times what equals 42 and those numbers equal negative 5. What are the numbers?

The factor pairs of 42 are (42,1)(21,2)(14,3)(7,6) Even considering their negative counterparts, none of them add up to -5.

What are factor pairs in mathematical terms?

In mathematical terms, factor pairs are numbers that combine to create a given product. The factor pairs of 12 are (12,1)(6,2)(4,3)

What is a number less than 100 and has factor pairs?

All of the composite numbers less than 100 have factor pairs.

What are the greatest common factor pairs for 8?

The factor pairs of 8 are (8,1)(4,2) The GCF requires at least two numbers.

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