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The pre wire for a ceiling fan light should be made with a three wire cable. This cable will have a red, black, and white wire as main conductors. This cable will also have a bare ground wire. This wire should be strung between a two gang switch box to the fixture junction box. This pre wire allows the supply to be either fed to the two gang box. From the two gang switch junction box, one side will be used for the light in the fixture and the other side of the switch junction box, itwill be used for the fan portionin the fixture.

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Q: What type of prewire for a ceiling fan light?
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Why new candelabra ceiling fan lights?

In an attempt to safeguard the end user, many ceiling fan manufacturers have made the transition to candelabra type ceiling fan light bulbs.

How do you fix two of the four non working lights in your ceiling fan?

you fix the light on the ceiling fan by puting a new light bulb in your fan

How much load takes the ceiling fan and tube light?

ceiling fan approx 80w and tube light 40w

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cheap ceiling fan light.?

You can find a very cheap ceiling fan light at your local Walmart. They sell the for as cheap as thirty dollars.

How does one take off the light that came with the ceiling fan?

Follow this step to take off the light that came with ceiling fan. Turn ceiling fan on, and you may unscrew the light bulb. After that remove the screw that holding the fan canopy. Look the wire connector and hold the sensor against the wires. Untwist the wire connector to release the wires. Wrap the end of the ceiling fan.

What type of motor is used in a ceiling fan?

A capacitor start motor is used in a ceiling fan.

What type of motor is used in ceiling fan?

single-phase induction motor is used in ceiling fan.

Where would one be able to purchase a ceiling fan light?

One could purchase a ceiling fan light at a home improvement store, such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Other places where one may purchase a ceiling fan light would be at specialty lighting stores or a manufacturer website.

What is the basic research for the ceiling fan?

I found this on There are some things to consider: Roomsize, consider on ceiling fan light, Quality of the fan and last but not least the price.

How do you release dome from light fixture in ceiling fan?

Disconnect the fixture wires and remove the central mounting nut to release the dome from the light fixture in a ceiling fan.

Can I get my ceiling fan to turn on and off by using the light switch?

Yes. Simply turn on the ceiling fan while the light switch is in the "on" position. Adjust the spinning to the level of your choice. Now the fan will turn on and off when you switch the light on and off.

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Alternative to a ceiling fan?

A fancy light

Is a ceiling fan light the same as a pull chain light?


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What do you use to connect the electrical wires when fitting a ceiling fan or ceiling light?

Wire nuts

7 letter word for a fan light?


Ceiling fan light is intermittent?

Yes only after replacing light bulbs.

What type of simple machine is a ceiling fan?

Wheel and Axle

How difficult is it to add light kits to already-installed ceiling fans?

It all depends on how handy you are. It's not the most difficult task, but you must first make sure that your home and your ceiling fan are equipped to handle the light kit that you are looking to install. If not, there are things that you can do, like opt for a different type of light kit. Then you will have to engage a bit of your electrical and handyman capabilities to attach the light kit to the ceiling fan. It can definitely be done. It is pretty easy if you can do simple home repairs and you take all of the necessary precautions and read the directions carefully. You can see directions at

My ceiling fan speed is stuck on high I am wondering if you can wire a voltage regulating switch that will allow you to vary ceiling fan speeds without damaging motor or causing other problems?

Light dimmer switch is okay for ceiling fan.

Which single phase induction motor is used in ceiling fan?

in ceiling fan capacitor start type 1 ph IM is used.

A part number 85112-02?


How do you know if an outlet box can support a ceiling fan?

Most light boxes are not rated to support a ceiling fan. If you look at the box you should be able to see some marking on it telling you that it is rated for ceiling fans. Another way to tell is to look at the size of the screws that are used to mount the fixture to the box. In ceiling fan boxes the screws will be #10 in light boxes they will be #8. A common way to mount ceiling fans securely is to mount the fan onto the framing member directly. Since the light box is usually mounted to the structure of the building it is usually not too hard to mount the fan directly to the building structure too, and not to the light box.