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Q: What type of research is a representative random sample of people asked to answer questions about their behaviors or attitudes?
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What type of research is a representative random sample of people asked to answer questions about behaviors or attitudes in psychology?

the survey

A research method in which psychologists collect data by asking questions of people in a particular group?

Survey, a research technique for acquiring data about behaviors or attitudes of a group of people by asking questions

What is the research method that is often used to obtain information concerning individuals' behaviors attitudes and or opinions?

Survey Method

Why is sample preferred to population in research?


Which research method involves watching behaviors as they occur without intervening or altering the behaviors in any way?

Naturalistic observation

What are research questions that seek information about what is going on or what exists are called?

Theoretical Research Questions.

What is a open ended research question?

Open-ended questions give the respondent the chance to answer in detail, expressing feelings, attitudes, and so forth, but closed-exded questions are those that you might find in a multiple-choice exam, or one that doesn't give opportunity to answer in depth.

What type of research can only establish causality?

representative surveys.

Why do you use questionnaires?

A questionaire is an important tool in public opinion research. If you get a representative number of people to answer the same question or questions then you can make a judgment of what most people think. This information can be used to plot trends & changes in public perception. Tt has uses in marketing & political research. How the questions are phrased may make a big difference to the resulting results.

What are the similarities between a problem statement and research questions?

they both use questions when a researcher attempts to answer when she/he undertaking a research.

Research has shown that competent communicators achieve effectiveness by?

adjusting their behaviors to the person and situation

If your research sample resembles the population to which you wish to generalize we say that it is?