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Q: What type of tool for measuring do computeer enginers use?
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Which type of engineering did the richest engineer do?

aeronautical enginers

What type of measuring tool is used to check valve clearance?

Feeler gauges.

What is used to measure a box of crayons?

a ruler is the measuring tool. The type of unit you will use is cm and mm

What is the definition of 'dynometer'?

A dynometer is a type of measuring instrument that is used in the automobile industry. The definition of dynometer means a tool that is used to measure power.

What type of measurements is teaspoon?

Tsp refers to teaspoon which is a measuring tool and a small spoon cutlery silver ware item. It is a unit of measurement of liquids in most countries.

what type of measuring device is clock?

clock is type of measuring device that you can use to see the time

What does the horizantal tool do in photoshop?

Photoshop have Horizontal Type Tool and Horizontal Type Mask Tool which you can use to type text in Photoshop.

What is the center point of a pica typewriter?

Pica is a measuring system used for measuring the height of type. Typewriter is a tool used to keyboard characters against a ribbon and strike a piece of paper. Home keys on a typewriter are with the index fingers on (l) F, and (r) J.

What type of utensil do you use when measuring oatmeal?

Dry measuring cup

What type of tool is magnetic?

telescopic tool

Why is it necessary to quantify measuring mass?

Type your answer here... why is it necessary to quantify measuring?

Is a flashlight a type of tool?

A flashlight is a type of tool that enables people to see in the dark.