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You will need two 3/way switches and two 4/way (Intermediate) switches. Click the link to see a video of exactly how to wire such a circuit.

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Q: What type switches and how many of each would be need to control a light from 4 places?
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How do I turn on three light bulbs in sequence using one switch?

To do something like that you would first have to have each light on it's own smart switch. Then you would need a master switch that would control each of the other smart switches. You can find switches like this at

Is it required for bathroom light switches to be protected by the GFCI?

the oulets yes the switches would be a no

What will happen if the two switches connected to light up a single bulb are on?

It is dependant on whether the switches are in wired in a parallel or series configuration. If the switches are wires in parallel then both switches would have to be off to turn the light bulb off. Either switch could turn the light bulb on. If the switches are wired in series then both switches would have to be on to turn the light bulb on. Either switch could turn the light bulb off.

If a light-fan switch worked as one switch up turns on the lights and the other down turns on the fan then why would the fan switch suddenly reverse so up is on?

Sounds like someone has tinkered with 3-way switches (used to control one light from 2 switches).

How difficult or costly is it to replace low power light switches connected to remote control relays with conventional switches and wiring?

It would be very cost prohibitive project. It would involve completely rewireing your home. i would imagine that it could run 10-30,000 depnding on the home and number of locations to be redone.

What is a AND circuit?

An AND circuit is a circuit that takes two or more inputs, and generates an output that is the boolean AND function of those inputs. Two light switches in series, for instance, is an AND circuit because both switches have to be on for the light to be on. If the switches were wired in parallel to each other, and then in series with the light, that would be an OR circuit.

Can you use a fan control switch as a dimmer switch?

Most fan control switches are designed to work with electronics in the fan. It is highly unlikely that you can use a fan control switch as a dimmer on a conventional light. Would have to know much more detail to comment further.

Why do you need light switches inside the fridges?

It would waste electricity if the light were on all the time. It only needs to be on when the door is open.

Can you control each of the bulbs arranged in series using switches?

The switches would have to be of a type that could switch out a bulb and at the same time switch in its place a resistor of equivalent value.

Where can one purchase Gigabit switches?

These switches are available online on many different places. All you have to do is search and decide on a price and which one you would prefer, and whichever one you need to suit you.

Which us president was afraid of light switches?

Benjamin Harrison was the President when the White House first got electricity.Reportedly, he and his wife were afraid they would get a shock if they touched the light switches. A servant had to turn off the lights at night.

How do you control one light from three different location using 3-way switch?

To control a light from 3 different locations you would need to use 2 "single pole, double throw" switches and 1 "double pole, double throw" switch. If you need a wiring diagram, send an e-mail.

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