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Q: What types of lines did Arthur Lismer use?
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What are 3 types so lines that you can use on a map?

Contour lines, alpha lines, omega lines

What types of lines do Jackson Pollock use?

Please look at one of his paintings! No lines - splatter.

What types of lines did kandinsky use in autumn in bavaria?


What types of line has the artist used in the painting ?

The artist use different types of lines in the painting. For example, he you straight lines from the side of the building and curved line for the winding road and leaves on the trees.

What type of lines did Pablo Picasso use in his painting 'The Actor'?

Pablo Picasso had many types of line such as straight, benndy, and horizontal lines.

What kind of spark lines can you use in Excel?

There are three types. They are Line, Column, and Win/Loss.

What types of weapons did King Arthur use in battle?

he used swords bows and arrows

Why is it important to use the proper line types?

Because when you use the proper paper lines it will help you when you are older and and now also it will help you in your drawing technique.

What colours did William Morris use?

William Morris uses different types of techniques such as, Lines and colours.

How do you use Arthur Holmes in a sentence?

I haven't met Arthur Holmes.

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All routers use a phone line (RJ11) as an input

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King Arthur's sword is named Excalibur.