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Fractions and decimals

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Q: What types of numbers are between zero an one?
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How many numbers are between zero and one?

There are lot of numbers in between zero and one . They can be in the form of fractions, decimal numbers,irrational number. Few numbers can be 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and many more.

How many prime numbers are in between zero and one hundred?


How many numbers is on the number line between 0 and 1?

There are an infinite amount of numbers between zero (0) and one (1).

What happens to a rational number when it is multiplied by an integer between negative one and zero?

All numbers between negative one and zero are negative. When you multiply a number by a negative it becomes negative. Also, all numbers between negative one and zero are decimals. When you multiply a number by a decimal it becomes smaller. Thus, when you multiply a rational number by a number between negative one and zero, it becomes smaller and negative.

What is the number of significant figures in 805 lb?

3, one of the rules is counting the Zero between none zero numbers

What is the product of two numbers is zero?

One or both of the numbers must be zero.

How will the standard deviation be effected if one of the numbers is zero?

One of the numbers being zero makes no difference.

What numbers come before one?

Once again, if you're talking about whole numbers, then negative integers and zero. But since fractions and decimals are numbers, and are not integers, anything between negative infinity to 1 are before one. So fractions and/or decimals between 1 and zero, such as 1/2, 0.9, and anything between negative infinity and zero, such as -1024, -6/13, 69.029.

What are numbers less than zero called if numbers less than one are decimals?

Numbers less than zero are "negative numbers".

What is the difference between counting numbers and natural numbers?

The counting numbers start at one. Some people start the natural numbers at zero.

What are neither numbers?

Zero and one.

Why are zero and one not prime numbers?


How can you find the product of two numbers when one is zero?

Anything times zero is zero.

What is the differences between Whole numbers Natural Numbers and Integers?

The only difference is that whole numbers include 0 (zero), while natural numbers start with 1 (one). That's it!

Why is important the zero?

do you mean why is zero so important well this is why. zero is betwin one so the zero gets started with because its zero one two three. and it can also make lower numbers. zero is the king of the small numbers the small numbers are -one -two -three. and it makes the big ones. zero one two three. its very easy to know why its an important number.

How many significant numbers are in the numbers 90.0004?

Answer: There are six. Answer: There is no such thing as "significant numbers". I assume you mean "significant digits". All digits are significant in this case - a zero (or more than one zero) between other digits is always significant.

How can the product of two numbers be smaller than one of the original numbers?

If one of the numbers is zero, zero point something or a negative number. Zero point something is a decimal starting with 0, eg. 0.4, 0.123

What number do you get when you multiply all of the numbers on a telephones number pad?

The answer is Zero (0) because that is what you get when you multiply by zero, and zero is one of the numbers on the telephone keypad.

Which numbers are not pirme or composite?

Zero and one.

What are the numbers called that are right of zero?


What Natural numbers their opposite or the negative numbers are zero?

The number zero is a natural number and so, by the uniqueness of numbers, it is the only one that meets the requirements.

What are numbers greater than zero?

One-one billion

What is the product of the first three whole numbers?

If zero is counted as a whole number, then the first three whole numbers are zero, one and two and the product of ANY series containing zero is ZERO. If, on the other hand, only non-zero numbers are considered, then the series is one, two and three and the product is six.

What happens to the hcf of 2 numbers when any one number is zero and both the numbers are zero?

Zero is tricky and is best avoided. If you're stuck with it, the GCF of zero and any other number is the other number. The GCF of zero and zero is zero.

How do you divide lower numbers by greater ones?

: The one thata bugging me is 85 by 105 the answer is .80952381. : Why is there a zero between the 8 and 9? : Why Do I not have to add a zero at the top anywhere else?