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You get a speed. If the 'Hertz' is the frequency of a particular wave, and the

'meters' is the wavelength of the same wave, then their product is the speed

of that wave.

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Q: What unit do you get when you multiply hertz by meters?
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What unit would you get if you divide meters per second by meters?

The meters cancel, so you get "per second", or "1/second". That unit has the special name hertz. It is a unit of frequency.

What is 262 Hz in meters?

Hertz is a unit of frequency, not a unit of length like the meter. You can't convert that.

How many meters per second are in hertz?

A hertz is the unit of frequency; one hertz has a periodic interval of one second, 60 hertz has a periodic interval of 1/60 second, etc. Meters per second is a measure of velocity, not frequency intervals.

The SI unit of frequency hertz meters or meter per second?

Units for Frequency are Hertz (Hz) Hertz is also known as s-1 (1/seconds) There is no distance component (meters) in frequency, only a "time" component

What do you get when you multiply newton's by meters?

A unit of torque, simply called Newton-meters.

What is the speed of a wave if its wavelength is 0.02meters its frequencyis 400hz?

If you multiply the wavelength (in meters) and the frequency (in Hertz), you will get the speed of the wave (in meters per second).

What is the speed when wavelength equals 27 meters and frequency equals 97 hertz?

Just multiply the wavelength (in meters) with the frequency (in Hertz) to get the speed (in m/s).

What is hertz used for?

unit for the frequency is hertz

How many meters equals 1.45 kilometers?

The prefix "kilo" means a thousand - whether you use it with meter, with hertz, or with any other unit (except in computer science, where it sometimes means 1024). Therefore, to convert from kilometers to meters, you simply multiply by 1000.

What is hertz a unit of?

Hertz is a unit of frequency. It is equivalent to 1/s (seconds).

How do you convert megahertz to hertz?

You multiply it by 1000.Would you believe megaHertz, to Hertz, multiply by 1000 000.

What is hertz levels?

Hertz is the unit to measure the frequency.

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