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Grams. Matter is measured by mass and mass's main unit is grams.

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What metric measurement would you use to find out the volume of a can of soup?


What metric measurement would you use to find the amount of juice in a large pitcher?


How do you find the unknown angle measurement of an object?

Use a protractor.

What is a metric ruler used for in science?

To find the length width and height of an object. Multiply those 3 and you get the volume the object.

What measures the quantity of matter in an object?

The quantity of matter in an object is its mass. If you then know what the object is made from you can find out (approximately) how many atoms or molecules it has (measured in mol).

What measurement unit is used to find the width of a class room?

Metric system: meters; customary system: feet

What metric measurement would you use to find the amount of water in a pail?

L or mL L Litres, millilitres or fluid onces

Anything that has mass and volume is called?

Matter is defined as anything that has mass and volume. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.

How is an eletronic balance different from a triple beam balance?

Electronic balances automatically find the mass of an object and provides the mass on a screen for you. A triple beam balance requires you to manually find the mass of an object and find the measurement.

How much mass is in a cerain volume of matter?

It depends on what kind of material the matter is made of. Find the weight of the object, divide by 10 or 9.8 you should find the mass.

What is the relationship between perimeter and area and length?

Perimeter is the distance around an object. Area is the total amount of space inside the object. Length is the the measurement of one side of the object. Length is added up to find the perimeter. Length is multiplied to find the area.

What is the density of gold when the mass is 5.00 cm?

5.00 cm is a length measurement, not a mass measurement. You need to know the mass and volume of an object to find density. Density = mass/volume.

What is the procedure used to find the volume of an irregular object?

Drop it into a measurement device such as a graduated cylinder with enough liquid to cover the object. Assuming the object sinks, the increase in mls is the volume of the object (1 ml = 1 cm^3)

How do you convert runing metre to square metre?

You cannot make a conversion, they are measuring two separate things. A running meter is a measurement of distance or length. A square meter is a measurement of area. If you run the parameter of an object, you will have to know more about the object to find out the square meters.

How do you work out the volume of an irregular object?

by submerging it into a glass of water that has measurement lines and taking the difference between the original amount of water and the water with the object in it.You would use water displacement to find the volume of an irregular object.

What measurement must you make to find the density of a sample of matter?

Two measurements are needed - you must find its mass and its volume. Density is mass divided by volume.

Is mass a physical property of matter?

There are four different properties of matter. They are weight, volume, mass, and density. The most important one is mass. Mass is the amount of matter in an object and it never changes unless matter is taken out of the object. Mass also has a direct relationship with inertia. Inertia is the resistance of motion of an object. If an object has a greater mass, then it has a greater inertia. Also, you can find mass by measuring it on a triple beam balance.

Define bending moment?

Bending moment is a measurement used to find the common internal stress placed on an object from an outward force bending it.

Where can you find matter and atoms?

Every object in our environment is composed of matter and atoms, including your own body, the air we breathe, the ground we stand on, and so forth.

Where can someone find a metric to imperial conversion table?

One can find a metric to imperial conversion at a neighborhood library. A bookstore would be another source to find a metric to imperial conversion table.

What is the largest unit of measurement for liquid?

If you want to find out in metric, it's 1 yottalitre (1 septillion (1025) litres or 26412 quintillion gallons) or in imperial it's just a gallon.

Mass is measured by using what?

Mass is one of the fundamental parts of matter. The equation to find the mass of an object is the density of an object multiplied by its volume ( dÃ?v=m).

WHAT TWO THINGS DOES IT Have to have to be called matter?

how do you use a graduated cylinder to find the volume of an irreglarly shaped solid object

What unit of measurement would you use to find the weight of an elephant?

Weight for elephants could be measured in tons or pounds. For metric, weight is measured in newtons. For mass, you can use kilograms or tonnes (metric ton equal to 1000 kg). Pounds mass is possible, too.

Where can you find a place that uses the metric system?

The metric system is used everywhere.