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yards,cm,in, or meters {depends on the country:)}

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Q: What unit ofmeasure would you use to measure a soccer field?
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What unit of measurement would you use to measure a soccer field?

In the US, I would use yards.

What unit would you measure a soccer field in?

Yards, but you could also use meters.

What unit would you you use from the metric system to measure the length of a soccer field?


What tools and units would you use to measure a soccer field with the metric and English system?

To measure a soccer field in the metric system, you would use a metric measuring tape or a measuring wheel. The units used could be meters or centimeters. In the English system, you would use a tape measure or a measuring wheel calibrated in feet or yards. The units used would be feet or yards.

Which unit of measure would be appropriate for the area of a soccer field that is 105 meters long and 67 meters wide?

Unit of length for the width of soccer field is meters.

What do you measure soccer fields in linear square or cubic units?

Soccer fields are typically measured in linear units, such as meters or yards. The dimensions of a soccer field are commonly expressed in length and width, rather than cubic units which would involve measuring volume.

Is a soccer field measured in inches feet yards or miles?

Yards would be suitable for measuring a soccer field.

Is there a out field in football?

No that would either be baseball or soccer.

What is the customary unit of measurement for a soccer field?

It would be yards.

Fastest moving field sport in Britain?

That would have to be soccer!

What equipment is needed for high school soccer?

you would need soccer balls, and uniforms. also a field!

If you run one length of a soccer field you ran how much in meter?

The length of an official soccer field is between 90 and 120 meters. How much you ran would depend on the size of the field.