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It would be yards.

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Q: What is the customary unit of measurement for a soccer field?
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What unit of measurement would you use to measure a soccer field?

In the US, I would use yards.

Is a gran customary or metric unit?

A "gran" is a German measurement, it is neither customary or metric. A "gram" is a metric unit.

What is the customary unit?

A customary unit is the unit of measurement that is used in the United States. It measures feet, yards, inches, pounds, pints and many more.

Definiton of Customary Unit?

A Customary Unit or non-SI unit is a measurement unit that is not part of the metric system. Customary units are mainly units of the Imperial system but they could be localised customary units - such as Gaj (for area) is South Asia.

What unit of measurement do me use in america?

Feet and inches, which is part of the U.S. Customary

What is the smallest unit of measurement in the us customary measurement system?

in liquid capacity1.cups2.pint3.quart4.gallonweight1.ounces2. pounds3.tons

How long is a aker?

An acre is a unit of measurement commonly used in the imperial and US customary systems. It is equivalent to 43,560 square feet or about 4,047 square meters. Aker is not a recognized unit of measurement.

Is Foot 'unit of measurement' in the metric system?

No, Foot belongs to the Imperial and US customary units (according to Wikipedia)

What measurement unit is used to find the width of a class room?

Metric system: meters; customary system: feet

Is Fahrenheit a customary unit or metric unit?

Fahrenheit is a customary unit

Is feet in the customary unit or the metric unit?


Is a liter a US Customary unit?

it is in the us customary unit or else we wouldnt be learning about. there for it is in the us customary unit.