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Yards if you work in imperial units or metres if you work in metric units

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Metres, to measure its length or width, square metres to measure its area.

Metres, but some of the lines may still be in terms of yards.

A ruler or tape measure would commonly be used to measure the width of a book.

You would use feet or yards to measure the width of a street.

METERS!!!The unit of measurement you would use to measure the width of your classroom is meters.

The base unit of length is the metre. You would use metres to measure a park. A Rugby pitch is roughly 100 metres long by 70 metres wide.

The SI unit I would use to measure the width of my classroom is with meters because meters are used to measure distance.

I think the width is 5 or more inches the length would be three inches

The SI unit used to measure the width of the classroom is meters. It is represented as 'm'.

A meter (m) would be used to measure the width of your classroom

The dimensions of an official football pitch are not fixed: length can be between 90 and 120 metres, while width can be between 45 and 90 metres. Different pitches have different dimensions. Thus, considering an official sized pitch, the minimum for 5 laps would be 1350 metres, while the maximum would be 2100 metres.

if you used Milimetres to measure a Football pitch it would take Years so you would you something more sensible and higher (Kilometres)

I would suggest centimeters but lots of people use inches.

Pencil lead is very narrow. Millimeter can be used to measure it.

First: 36 cm2 cannot be a width. Width is a linear measure - a measure of distance - which would be measured in cm and not cm2. In any case, having just the width is not sufficient information for answering the question.

kilometers but you would have to be an astronote to do that

length x width x height

First for example if you are measuring a cube you would first measure the length and width then how tall it is and multiply all of the length, width, and how tall it is and you get your answer.

A ruler, measure the length, width and depth of the book and multiply

You could measure the length or width of it but you would have a decimal. You should be using centimeters.

100m in length and the width varies from pitch to pitch probably 70m circumference would be around 340m

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