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Circuit switching

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Q: What uses a dedicated connection between two points that remains active for the duration of transmission?
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Whagt is a dedicated connection between two points that remains active for the duration of transmission?

Circut Switching

Which connection provides a dedicated link between two devices?

Point to point connection

What is a type of always-on connection that is established between two communications devices?


What does dsls mean?

Digital subscriber lineWith regards to internet connection/speed? Dedicated Service Line. It generally falls between old-school dial-up and a cable connection for speed, price, etc.

Can you bypass the transfer case in a 1992 jeep cherokee?

No. It is the connection between the transmission and drive shafts.

What type of connection is used in power grid connection between generation and distribution?

A step up transformer is used at this junction in the electrical transmission system.

What is the purpose of ground wires in overhead transmission lines?

connection of the ground of all the transmission lines and used as a communication cable between protection devices

Where you use Circuit Switching?

It is simplest form of switching which have dedicated physical path between sending and receiving. In circuit switching network,a set of switches are connected by physical link. A connection between the two stations is a dedicated path made up of one or more links.

Our 1999 Pontiac minivan leaked all of the transmission fluid and now does not move at the same time this happened the speed odometer stopped working. Is there a connection?

No, there is no connection between losing transmission fluid and the speed odometer not working. My mother's car lost all of it's transmission fluid but the odometer still worked.

What is the transmission media of a dial-up line have?

Dial-up pertains to a telephone connection in a system of many lines shared by many users. A dial-up connection is established and maintained for a limited time duration. The alternative is a dedicated connection, which is continuously in place. Dial-up lines are sometimes called switched lines and dedicated lines are called nonswitched lines. A dedicated line is often a leased line that is rented from a telephone company.A dial-up connection can be initiated manually or automatically by your computer's modemor other device.Dial-up networking is an important connection method for remote and mobile users. A dial-up line is a connection or circuit between two sites through a switched telephone network. In the data communication world, a dial-up line forms a link between two distant computers or local area networks. Dial-up lines provide any-to-any connections. The originating site can call any other site, unlike dedicated leased lines that provide a permanent connection between two sites. Modems are required on both ends of a dial-up line. The transmission rate can be as high as 56 Kbits/sec.Dial-up lines can be aggregated, meaning that multiple dial-up lines can be combined to improve the capacity. The MLPPP (Multilink PPP) protocol allows users to dial a remote system (usually an ISP) and connect with a single line. Once authenticated, a second line is dialed automatically. The throughput increases from 56 Kbits/sec to 112 Kbits/sec.]Costs no more than making regular callComputers at any two locations can establish a connection using modems and telephone network

Where is TCC on a 2011 Jeep Wrangler?

Tcc, torque converter clutch. It is inside the torque converter, which is the connection between the engine and transmission.

What is the difference between regular and dedicated bandwidth?

Regular bandwidth means you are sharing bandwidth with other people on the network so the more people on the network the slower one's connection will be. Dedicated bandwidth guarantees one a certain amount of bandwidth that is not shared.