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Blacks were kept as slaves

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Q: What was the idea if equality radical in 1770's?
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Why was the idea of equality radical in the 1770s?

The idea of equality was radical in the 1770s was because they felt like equality really needed to be found and be used. Some people liked and disliked equality and everyone felt different about it.

Why were the Quakers considered a radical in England?

They believed in nonviolence and equality

Why were the Quakers considered radical in the England?

They believed in nonviolence and equality

Did the American revolution create a substantial though not radical push in the direct of social and political equality?

The "push" was both substantial and radical for its time.

When and where was the idea of equality developed?

in the 1960s

Whose Republican group wanted full equality for African-Americans after the Civil War?

The Radical Republicans

Favoring the equality of all people?

I, honestly have no idea.

How did Judeo- Christian beliefs support the idea of equality?

They believe in a sense of spiritual equality. Looking for true equality in this world will only lead to disapointment. Equality, to them, can only truly be found in Heaven.

Who led the group known as the Radical Republicans that wanted full equality for African Americans after the Civil War?

nate turner

What are two main idea's of the US Constitution?

Freedom and Equality

Which idea did the NAACP promote?

achieving racial equality for African Americans. ~c

How did Lincoln's plan for reconstruction differ from the wade Davis bill?

President Abraham Lincoln's plan did not guarantee African American equality. The Wade-Davis Bill passed by the Radical Republicans demanded guarantees of African American equality. Lincoln killed this bill with a "pocket veto."