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Well the SI unit of length is the meter, and SI is the first standard measurement system...

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Q: What was the name of the first standard measurement unit used to measure the length?
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Who and where discovered measurement?

the first discovery of measurement was on the age of ancient egyptians they use their bodies to measure the length,width or size. they said that the pyramid was created by them using their bodies to measure it. Some said that aliens are the one who help and bring the discovery of measurement in the world first in egypt.. that created the pyramid..

What is the first recorded measurement of length?


Who invented the first ruler used in measurement?

We do not know, this information was never recorded, but it is evident from the buildings of the ancients that standard units for length were in use then.

What unit of measurement do you use to measure rice grains?

You must first decide what you want to measure about the rice grains: their length, circumference, mass, weight, volume, color, elasticity, etc.

What unit of measurement would you use to measure an elephants ear?

First you need to decide what PROPERTY of the ear you want to measure: its length, its area, its mass, its surface area, etc.

What is the length of this rug measurement 30x40 Does the width come first OR the length come first?

It does not matter. Conventionally, the length is the biggest side because it is the longest and so has the longest measure. But there are exceptions to that as well. That is why many manufacturers tell you (LxW or LxWxH) as well as giving the actual measures.

What was the first measurement tool who created it and what did it measure?

the foot by god

What unit of measurement can you use to measure a wading pool?

You first need to decide what you want to measure about it: its length, its volume, its viscosity, etc.

In measuring a curtain does the length or width come first?

Length comes first in measure quadrilaterals.

How do you preform water displacement?

1) Measure the height of water in a beaker or a bowl. (First Measurement) 2) Place the object in the water. 3) Measure the height of the water while the object is still in the water. (Second Measurement) 4) Subtract your first measurement from your second measurement.

What system of measurement makes use of the body parts?

The cubit was the first documented record of a specified length, and was the length of an average forearm of a person. Joints of fingers gave "inch" its standard length, and the height of horses is still measured in "hands." Measurement of lengths and heights arose from body parts, as these were standard things that people carried around with them. No set "system" in particular exists for the use of these standards, but many standards we have today were derived from them.

What comes first on rug measurement length or width?

After looking at several sites the rugs were all describe by the shorter(width) first.

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