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Q: What was the sploosh that zero found really was?
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What was the sploosh that zero found in the dessert?

The "sploosh" was peaches!

How old is the sploosh that zero found in the book holes?

at least 110 years old! :):):)

What is sploosh in the book Holes?

Sploosh is peaches and onions which Zero found and drank becasue he was so thirsty. When Stanley finds him he is sick from it.

What does zero drink in 'holes'?

It was sploosh. Basically peach juice, but thick

Who was under the boat the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

Zero was under the boat, eating sploosh

Who made sploosh in the book Holes?

In the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar, the character "Barfbag" makes sploosh. He is one of the boys at Camp Green Lake who helps Stanley find the hidden treasure.

What is the sloosh that zero found in the book holes?

*Spoiler alert* (Book is Holes by Louis Sachar) The *sploosh that Zero found in the boat Mary Lou was actually jars of Katherine Barlow's prized spiced peaches. They were Sam the onion man's after Katherine Barlow exchanged her spices peaches for Sam's service in repairing the school for her.

How do you use sploosh in a sentence?

sploosh is a spiced peach jelly

What actors and actresses appeared in River Sploosh - 2011?

The cast of River Sploosh - 2011 includes: August Sturm

What are the release dates for River Sploosh - 2011?

River Sploosh - 2011 was released on: USA: 12 March 2011 (internet)

What is the proper way to take a crap?

squeeze really hard into toilet, hole or underwear. If you hear the 'sploosh' of the toilet then the mission is a success.

What was stanley27s father trying to invent in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

Something to revent foot odour. He did it when Hector (Zero) and Caveman (Sanley) brought home Sploosh-the stuff they ate in the desert