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aryabatta found that zero is a number and ramanujan said the value of it

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Q: Who said that zero is also a number?
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What is a nonzero number?

A quantity which does not equal zero is said to be nonzero.

Why is zero said to be a composite number?

Zero is neither composite nor prime.

Is every number a factor of 0?

Yes. Every integer is a factor of zero. Zero is in fact the only number that can be divided by zero, so zero is also a factor. Zero has an infinite number of factors.

What does zero property for addition mean?

any number plus 0 equals the previously said number 20+0=20 demonstrates the zero property

How come you cannot divide a number by zero but you can multiply a number by zero?

If you multiply any number by zero the answer is zero If you dividea number by zero the answer is undetermined. It is usually infinity , since when you divide a number ( numerator0 by a small the number (denominator) the smaller that denominator the larger the answer, and zero is so small that the answer is infinite. But not always, as in special cases when the numerator is also zero

What happens when a rational number is divided by an irrational number?

When a rational numbers is divided by an irrational number, the answer is irrational for every non-zero rational number.

Does the number zero have an opposite number?

Zero does not have an opposite * * * * * While it is true that zero has no multiplicative opposite (or inverse), it certainly has an additive inverse, and that is also zero, since 0 + 0 = 0

What number is actually possible to divide in half to create zero?

All mathematical operations are reversible and if you were correct then doubling zero would give you that number and the only number that fits both bills would be zero itself. So zero halved is zero and zero doubled is also zero.

Why zero a counting number?

You can make a zero with your fingers by not showing any. You can also call it "none." That was what it was called before zero resisted.

How do you say numbers like 305, 607, or 2004 Do you read the zeroes or not 삼백오 or 삼백영오 육백칠 or 육백영칠 이천사 or 이천영사?

305 , is said as 'Three hundred and five' 605 is said as ' Six hundred and seven'. 2004 is said as 'Two thousand and four'. e.g. A number such as1,234,567 is said as 'One million, two hundred and thirty four thousand, five hundred and sixty seven'. If you wish to say it 'number-for-number' , then 607 is 'Six zero, seven. NN It is 'zero' neither 'nought' nor ' oh(O)'.

Did Egyptians have a number zero?

The ancient Egyptians did not have a number zero. The Mayans knew the number zero and the Indians also knew (independent from another). The Indians passed it on to the Arabs and the Arabs brought it to the Mediterranean and later all of Europe.

The opposite of a number is also called?

The opposite of a number is also called an additive inverse. An additive inverse of a number a is the number that, when added to a, yields zero.