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The total grows as time passes. That's the whole idea of interest and compounding.

In order to calculate what the total is now, we need to know how long it has been

in the account accumulating interest, and you haven't told us that.

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Q: What was the total savings for 400 annual rate 6 percent 6 percent compounded semiannually?
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The future value of a 1000 investment today at 8 percent annual interest compounded semiannually for 5 years is?


What is the future value of 100 after 5 years under 12 percent if compounded annually semiannually quarterly monthly daily?

Annual: 176.23 Semiannually : 179.08 Quarterly: 180.61 Monthly: 181.67 Daily: 182.19 (assuming 365.25 days per year, on average).

What is the effective rate of 18600 invested for one year at 7 and one half percent compounded semiannually?

The annual equivalent rate is 15.5625%. The amount invested is irrelevant to calculation of the equivalent rate.

What would be the ending balance of a 1290 savings account earning 12 percent interest compounded monthly after 1 year?

12 percent, compounded monthly is the equivalent of an annual rate of approx 390%. At that rate, 1290 would be worth 5025.81 (approx).

What is the effective annual rate if the stated rate is 8 percent and compounding occurs semiannually?


What is the effective annual rate of 14.9 percent compounded continuously?

It is 14.9 percent.

Which yields more 8 percent apr compounded monthly or 8.5 percent compounded semi-annual?

8% compounded monthly is equivalent to an annual rate of approx 152% . 8.5% compounded six monthly is equivalent to "only" 17.72% so the first is clearly larger.

What is the effective annual rate of 8 percent interest that is compounded monthly?

0.67 percent

What is the effective annual rate of 12 percent compounded monthly?


How much will 20k earn in 5 yrs if invested at 10 percent compounded semiannually?

If every six months the capital earn 10% interest which is compounded, at the end of 5 years, the interest will be 31875. If the annual interest rate is 10%, it makes no difference how often it is compounded. The six monthly interest rate is adjusted - to 4.88% rather than 5% - so that the total interest for a year is 10%.

What is the effective annual rate for a credit card with a 9.9 percent annual percentage rate that is compounded daily?

The effective annual rate for a credit card that carries a 9.9% annual percentage rate (compounded daily) is 10.4%.

What is the effective annual rate of 6.3 percent compounded monthly?

6.485% (rounded)