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any direction they just run alongside each other

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Q: What way does a parallel lines go?
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Can parallel lines go any way?


Skew lines and parallel lines exactly the same?

Skew lines are not parallel. Parallel lines are across from each other in some way and are exactly parallel.

What are parallel lines and perpendicular lines?

Parallel is when they are facing the same way eg. | | OR - -

What does parallel meen?

Parallel lines are straight lines which are oriented the same way. For example, two railway lines are parallel to each other.

Why aren't skew lines parallel?

Because of the way parallel lines are defined. Parallel lines never meet, but to qualify as parallel lines, additional conditions may apply. From Wikipedia: "Two lines in a plane that do not intersect or meet are called parallel lines." Emphasis added.

Where do parallel lines intersect?

In Euclidean geometry, parallel lines never intersect. They go this way forever and never intersect but watch this typing. _______________ _______________ In non-Euclidean geometry, they intersect when the faces are uneven.

Does a right angled triangle have parallel lines?

No. Parallel lines are lines that extend in the same direction. In a triangle the lines go in different directions.

Why is there only one kind of parallel lines?

parallel lines are any lines that will never touch. on a 3D plane, there will be many lines that won't intersect another. but parallel lines have a specific definition that there is no way to subcatigorize it

Why do two non-parallel lines have to intersect?

The lines have to intersect because lines go on forever and if then are not parallel then they will collide. Even if they are not parallel by one degree they will still intersect.

What if the lines weren't parallel?

If two lines go on forever without touching but are not parallel, they are skew, lines that do not lie in the same plane.

Do parallel lines go on forever?

No, But 1 Dimensional Does. The lines may or may not go on forever but that has no effect on whether or not a parallel line will cross.

What is what is lines that go side to side called?

Lines that go side to side, but never touch, are known as parallel lines. The two railway lines on which a train runs along is a common example of parallel lines.