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3 Tonne.

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Q: What weighs more 3 tons or 3 tons?
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What is better3000pounds or 3 tons or are they equal?

If you are asking which weighs more, 3 tons weighs more. It is equivalent to 6,000 pounds.

What weighs more 3 ton or 3000 kg?

3 tons

What animal weighs 3 tons?

There are many animals that weigh over a ton. A bulls weighs about 2 tons, elephants average between 3 and 7 tons and the rhinoceros weighs 1 1/2 to 4 tons.

What weighs over 2 tons?

3 tons, for example.

What weighs 3 thousand tons?

3,000 tons of feathers

Which weighs more 1500 pounds or 1.6 tons?

1.6 tons

Which weighs more 1.6 tons or 1500 lbs?

1.6 tons

What weighs more 24.3 or 26.7 tons?

26.7 tons is heavier than 24.3 tons.

6000 pounds truck weighs how many tons?

6,000lbs=3 tons

What weighs more than tons?


What does a whale weigh?

a whale weighs about 3 tons - 4 1/2 tons.

What weighs 3 tons?

an SUV or most cars or you

Can elephants weigh more than a ton?

Grown elephants weight much more than a ton. An average, full grown Asian elephant weighs 3 tons. An average, full grown African forest elephant weighs 3 tons. An average, full grown African bush elephant weighs 6-1/2 tons.

What weighs more that 7 gig tons?

your mom. is the answer.

What is something that weighs 10,000 tons?

The southern elephant seal weighs about 10,000 tons

What weighs 200 tons?

The Sphinx in Egypt weighs about 200 tons.

What weighs thirty tons?

1 ton is equal to 1000kg so 3 tons equal to 3000kgs

How much do elephant seals weigh in tons?

The average male elephant seal weighs 3 tons.

How much does a limo weigh?

Probably about 3 tons, considering a normal executive car weighs about 2 tons, and a limo is obviously bigger and normally has more luxuries inside

A manatee weighs 1200lbs what is the fraction of its weight in tons?

It weighs 0.60 tons.

What weighs 5 tons?

The Big Ben mechanism weighs 5 tons.

Which weighs more 24.3 tons or 26.7 tons?

26.7 tons is bigger since its the same type of measurement and 26.7>24.3.

What weighs 300 tons?

There aren't any animals that weigh 300 tons. A hippopotamus weighs about four tons. One ton weighs about 2,000 pounds.

What animal weighs 5 tons?

The Southern Elephant Seal can weigh up to five tons or more. An African Elephant can also weigh up to five tons or more.

How much does a jeep weight?

A jeep weighs about 2 or 3 tons.