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Pythagoras cult rules where the rules is?

Pythagoras cultis not definened

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Q: What were the rules in Pythagoras cult?
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What was Pythagoras cult like?

It was not quite a cult, more of a society dedicated to mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy, which Pythagoras himself coined.

What was the name of Pythagoras's cult?

sacred geometry

What is the name of Pythagoras's cult that he found?

sacred geometry

WHAT was the name of the ''cult ''founded by Pythagoras?

sacred geometry

How did Pythagoras kill his cult member?

threw him over board

What was Pythagoras's landscape like?

Pythagoras is not a landscape or a place. Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who founded a cult religion called Pythagoreanism in Ancient Greece.

What are Pythagoras rules?

what pursuits did Pythagoras dedicate his life to

When did Pythagorus create his cult?

At the same time that Pythagoras was working out his theorem for a right angle triangle he created a religious cult known as the Pythagoreans

What are the rules of Pythagoras?

a2 + b2 = c2

What is a cult and who is a leader?

A cult is a small group of people who follow their own religious beliefs. The leader of the cult is the leader who makes and enforces the rules of the cult.

Who taught that the universe fallowed the same rules as music and numbers?

nvm pythagoras

What was the pythagorean brotherhood?

It was a religous cult founded by Pythagoras that thought everything depended on numbers, and math. They were divided into two groups, the mathematikoi and the akousmatikoi.