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1 and 3.

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Q: What whole number can divide into 21 and 36?
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Is 9 a factor of 36?

If when you divide 36 by 9 you get a whole number, it is a factor

Is seven a factor of 36 why?

No when you divide 36 by 7 you get 5.14285714 which is not a whole number.

What prime number can divide 27 and 36?

The prime number 3 can divide 27 and 36.

What numbers will divide exactly into 36?

The whole-number factors of 36 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36, and their negatives.

How do you know if a number is divisible by 36?

Put the number in a calculator and divide it by 36

36 percent as a whole number?

36 percent is a number between 0 and 1. It is not and cannot be represented as a whole number.

Is the square root of 36 is a whole number?

Negative the square root of 36 is -6, which is a whole number.

What are the factors 36 and how do you know those are the factors?

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36 If you divide any of those numbers into 36, the answer is a whole number.

Is negative the square root of 36 a whole number?

Negative the square root of 36 is -6, which is a whole number.

What is the average of 21 6 and 9?

add all three number together and then divide by three (because there's three numbers) 21+6=27, 27+9=36, 36/3=12 12 is the answer.

How do you write 36 out of 10 as mixed number?

36/10 = 3 6/10 Divide 36 by 10 and you get 3 with a remainder of 6. The 3 becomes the whole number and the 6 goes over the 10, so you get 3 6/10 .

How do you write 21 over 36?

To simplify the fraction 21/36 you would divide the numerator and denominator by the GCF (greatest common factor) of 21 and 36 which is 3. So this simplifies to: 21/36 = (3 * 7)/(3 * 12) = 7/12.

Is 36 a whole number?


Round each number to the nearest whole number for 36.084?

The nearest whole number for 36.084 is 36.

What is the greatest number you can divide 36 72 and 90 evenly into?

That number is infinite.

How you convert inches to yards?

One yard = 36 inches. Divide the number of yards by 36.

What is the nearest whole number for 36.084?


How do you covert yards into inches?

Divide the number of yards by 36.

What is third of 36?

the answer is 12, you just have to divide the number by 3.

Why cant 24 be the gcf of 24 and 36?

Because 24 does not divide exactly into 36 ! For any number to be a factor of another number - it must divide exactly into it with no remainder. The same applies to GCF

Is negative 144 over 4 a whole number?

Yes. It's the whole number negative 36.

Why does it make sense to call 36 a square number?

Because, 6x6=36. A square number is a whole number times itself.

How do you simplify 4 over 36?

To simplify a fraction, you need to divide the top and bottom of it by the same number. If you can't do this without making both numbers of the fraction whole numbers, it is as simple as it can get. With the fraction 4/36, you can divide both the top and bottom number by 2 or 4. Since we want to simplify our fraction as much as possible, we'll divide by the bigger number, 4. Four divided by four is one, and 36 divided by four is nine. So: 4/36 = 1/9 4 over 36 simplified is one-ninth

How do you convert inches into yards?

To convert inches into yards, divide by 36. There are 36 inches in 1 yard, so if you have 36 inches and you wish to convert that to yards, you'll divide the number of inches (36) by 36, which is the conversion factor. And 36/36 = 1, so 36 inches = 1 yard.

What is the greatest square number that is a factor of 72 and a whole number?