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Because 199 is an odd number the product willl be a negative sign

For example: -2*-2 = 4 but -2*-2*-2 = -8

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Q: What will be the sign of the product if you together multiply199 negative integers and 10 positive integers?
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When the negative integers the positive integers and 0 are combined the integers are formed?

Negative integers, zero and the positive integers, together form the set of integers.

Are the sum of two negative integers positive?

No. Two negative integers added together will never equal a positive integer. It is the product of two negative integers that is positive.

Two positive integers and four negative integers are all multiplied together Is the final result positive or negative?

The final result is positive.

The sum of two negative integers is a positive integer?

No, the sum of two negative integers is not a positive integer. For example, if you add -5 and -6 together the sum would be -11.

What is the produkt of negative integer with itself?

A product of two integers is those two numbers multiplied together. If the product is two integers, it is called a square. Two negative integers are multiplied together by multiplying them together just as if they are positive. For example, -3x-3=9. It is exactly the same thing as squaring a positive integer.

Why two negatives is a positive?

I feel that two negatives are positive because you add* your two negative integers* together, you would be doing this: -+- (negative + negative) so the response is, is that if two integers where both negative, you would add, just like if there were two positives, you would add, but not if you have different signs. (positive+negative) you would subtract. Just as the same with negative + positive. [REVIEW: if the sign is the same, add, if the sign is different, you subtract.] *=you may not always add *=integers- a fancy word for numbers.

How do you find the median of a group of numbers with positive and negative numbers?

This is accomplished the same way as with positive integers. Add all of the numbers together and divide by (positive) 2. Don't let the negative signs fool you!

Multiplying negative numbers?

any two negative numbers multiplied together equals a positive number. any two positives numbers multiplied together equal positive numbers and any negative and positive numbers multiplied together equals a negative.negative, negative = positivenegative, positive = negativepositive, positive = positive

Why does multiplying negative integers by negative integers result in positive integers?

Any negative integer can be factored to -1 times its positive value. Because negative one times itself is positive one, when multiplied by each other they cancel out. So if you're multiplying a negative integer A by a negative integer B. Replace A and B with -1*|A| and -1*|B| (You can do this because you know A and B are negative), and use the distributive property to rearrange them. Now you can see the -1*-1 term and equate it to 1, leaving only the |A| and |B| behind. Because two positive numbers multiplied together are always positive, the result will always be positive. Represented algebraically, as long as A and B are negative integers, the following is true: AB = -1|A|*-1|B| = -1*-1|AB| = |AB|.

How do you compare a positive and a negative integer?

One (negative) is preceded by a - sign and the other (positive) is not. Negative integers have values less than zero, whereas positive integers have values greater than zero. If a positive and negative integer are made up of the same digits and in the same order (e.g., 2 and -2, or 896 and -896), then when added together they will equal zero. If, however, one is subtracted from the other, then they will equal twice the number from which the other is subtracted.

What is it called the collection of positive negative and zero number together?

The answer will depend on what you mean by number: integers, rationals, reals, complex numbers, etc.

Which metals attract as opposed to repel?

All of the metals attract and repel, but if a: negative and positive come together= attract positve and a negative come together= attract negative and negative come together= repel positive and positive come together= repel

What is the rule for adding negative integers?

Adding negatives is exactly the same as taking away the positive number. Alternatively you can think of it as "imagine both the numbers are positive, add them together. This number is then negative. And you're done".

How can you find the total value of a combination of negative and positive integers?

Combine them together, using the rules of priority (PEMDAS or BIDMAS).

Is positive times positive negative?

A positive number times another positive number will give you a positive answer. If you multiply two negative numbers together, you will also have a positive answer. The only way to get a negative answer is if you multiply a positive by a negative.

How do you multiply a negative number by a negative number?

multiply the numbers together and the sign is positive , as a negative times a negative is a positive

When a positive number and a negative number are added together the sum is if the positive number has a greater value?

If a positive and negative number are added together, and the positive number has a greater value, the sum will be positive.

What is the rule for multiplying integers with different signs?

Multiply two integers disregarding the signs. Then if the signs are the same, the answer is positive and if the signs are different, the answer is negative. Alternatively, if you are multiplying together a whole bunch of numbers, first find the product while ignoring the signs. Then count all the negative numbers. If the count is even, the answer is positive and if it is odd, the answer is negative.

How is it possible that two integers may be added together and the result is negative?

"Integers" are all the whole numbers, including the negative ones. Add any two of them together and, as long as the bigger one is negative, the sum is negative.

Can positive and negative make a negative?

Yes, if you are adding 2 numbers together and the value of the negative number is larger than the value of the positive number. Yes, if you are multiplying a positive and a negative number together. Yes, if you are dividing a positive and a negative number by each other.

Why is negative times a negative a positive?

think of it like this a negative times a positive don't go together in a relationship they have to have the same attitude

Why cant two negative ions or two positive ions bond together?

It is because they are of the same charge, but a negative and positive ion will go together

How do you subtract negative numbers from positive numbers?

The negative sign will change to a positive sign when subtracting negative numbers from positive numbers so you will simply add them together.

What is the product of -7 and -5?


Can o positive male and o negative female have a child?

I am not sure but I think they can ....I know a a positive male and o positive female can have a child together my dad was a positive and my mom was o positive ...but I belive it is positive for a negative o and a positive o have children together