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Negative integers, zero and the positive integers, together form the set of integers.

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Q: When the negative integers the positive integers and 0 are combined the integers are formed?
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How do positive and negative ions forms?

After the loss of electrons cations are formed (positive ions).After the gain of electrons anions are formed (negative ions).

How are negative and positive ions made?

A negative ion (anion) is formed after gain of electrons in the atom.A positive ion (cation) is formed after loss of electrons from the atom.

How are integers and rationals numbers different?

Integers consist of natural numbers(1, 2, 3,...), zero and the negative natural numbers(-1, -2, -3,...). 1, 2, 3 etc are positive integers and -1, 2, -3 etc are negative integers. Whereas rational numbers consist of integers as well as numbers in the form of p/q where p and q are integers and q is not equal to zero. So the main difference formed is:- Every integer is a rational number but every rational number is not an integer.

What does positive and negative charges make?

I am not understanding your question correctly but is it this?What is formed when positive and negative charges come together? The answer is simple. If the positive charge is more than the negative charge then the particle formed is a particle with a less positive charge than the previous one, and vice versa. If the charges are equal then the particle formed is a neutral particle.

What is formed when an atom gains or loses electrons?

positive and negative ions

What is formed from a positive ion base and a negative ion from an acid?

A salt

Is a positive ion is formed by gaining electrons?

Typically, a negative ion is formed by gaining electrons. This is because electrons hvae a negative charge. An example of a case where a positive ion can be formed by gaining an electron is when an ion with a charge of +2 can gain 1 electron and become +1. Technically in this case, a positive ion was formed when an electron was gained but the trend was that the ion became more negative not positive.

What is the solid formed by alternating positive and negative ions?

An ionic solid. More specifically, the alternating positive and negative ions form an ionic lattice.

What are the negative and positive charges in clouds called?

the positive and negative charges in clouds are the protons and electrons formed from the friction of the water that condensated to make the cloud.

Are negative ions formed by atoms losing electrons?

no it forms a positive ion

What is product formed after electrolysis at the positive and negative electrodes respectively?

The answer depends on what the electrolyte is!

Formed from a positive ion from a base and a negative ion from an acid?

weak base

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