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first,is the topic that you are wanted to be answer by someone who's in the position in a certain firm, it should be clear, accurate and justifiable.second, know your limitation in arising a question if necessary it should be answerable by '"YES"or "NO" because some of the personnel in any different firm is now practicing tardiness that is the sad truth.. and i experience it..... so bad...i'm doing my thesis n0w..

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Q: What will you consider when constructing a good questionnaire?
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Managers with experience in marketing research realize that constructing a questionnaire is a fairly simple task?


How do you xxplain the characteristics of a good questionnaire?

= Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire =

Could i get a questionnaire on competency mapping?

need a good questionnaire on competency mapping can i get it please

What are the essential qualities a good questionnaire?

Qualities of a good questionnaire:-ObjectivesA good questionnaire is developed based on a specific set of objectives of what the researchers want to know. The researchers who create the questionnaire must know what they are looking to find out by using the questionnaire.DirectionsQuestionnaires should contain directions to the respondents, so that people who take the questionnaire understand what to do and how their answers are scored.MeasurabilityA quantitative questionnaire means that the questions are formatted in such a way that the answers are measurable. Measurability is critical to good questionnaires because researchers can extract specific information, data or statistics from results that are quantitative.Question SequenceIt is important for those who design questionnaires to consider the sequence of questions. The questions on a questionnaire should flow in a logical order to avoid respondent .TechnicalitiesCertain technicalities come into play when developing good questionnaires. One of the things to keep in mind is that you should avoid using industry jargon or slang.

What is the purpose of a questionnaire?

The purpose of a questionnaire is to get generalized answers and determine whether your a good fit for whatever. A questionnaire will tell them if you have the basic things they require.

What is a good questionnaire topic?

consumer awareness

What is good question to put on a questionnaire about football?

This is a good question to place on a football questionnaire: Who was the only Heisman Award winner whose team had a losing record?

What are the essentials of a good questionare?

The best way to create a good questionnaire is to make sure it isn't biased. You also want to make sure that your questionnaire ask questions that pertain to the information you are looking for.

What are the Good points of doing a questionnaire?

A questionnaire is a great way of getting relevant, up-to-date information without having to spend to much money.

What are the essentials of a good questionnaire?

"Why do you think you are good for this job?" is probably the most important question. And his/her experience.

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What if you did not do good in English cahsee essay will you still be able to pass if you did good on the questionnaire?

the questioniare does not count into your score