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If the switch has a black screw this is a 3way switch. On a 3way circuit on one switch you connect the black power wire to the black screw, and on the other end of the 3way circuit on the other switch you connect the black wire coming from the light to the black screw.

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Q: What wire goes to the black nut on the switch?
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How do you wire a wall switch plus outlet?

Bring the hot power wire into the wall switch box and run another wire out to the outlet. Tie all the whites together in the switch box under a wire nut and shove this back into the box. Tie the black incoming wire and the black wire going to the outlet together and jump a wire off this to one of the screws on the light switch. Connect the black wire going to the light to the other screw on the light switch. Connect the white/black wire to the outlet.

How two wire 2 light switch up in 1 box?

Tie all the white wires together under a wire nut and push them back in the box. Tie the black incoming power wire and outgoing power wire, if there is one, together under a wire nut with a black wire pigtail. Connect this pigtail to one screw on each light switch. Connect the black wire going up to the lights to the appropriate switch you wish to use to control that light.

Add new gfci from an existing switch?

Find the Hot side of the switch (Where there is voltage regardless of position of toggle on switch). Tie in new Black wire to GFCI. On wire nut with white wire tie in new white wire to GFCI. Do the same for the bare ground wire, if there is one.

How to wire a switch?

Connect all white wires together under a wire nut and push them back into the box. Connect all ground wires together and then connect them with a jumper wire to the ground screw on the switch. Connect black power in and power out, if applicable, wires to the bottom screw on the switch. Connect the remaining black wire going to the light to the top screw on the switch.

How do you wire in a pull chain switch in a bathroom light fixture?

If you are adding the pull chain to an existing fixture then the pull chain switch should have two wires. Wire nut either one to the hot wire coming in and the other to the black wire of the fixture.

How do you disconnect a light switch and outlet that are tied together?

If there is a black wire going from the outlet to the switch and the other side of the switch goes back to the outlet then just cut these wires and connect supply wire directly to outlet. If the supply goes to the switch first, disconnect from switch and connect the two wires with a wire-nut. Some situations only switch one of the two outlets in a duplex device. Do the same thing, but also replace the outlet since the strapping between both outlets has been removed.

How do you install a 20 amp switch for well pump?

Black/White/Ground power in and the same out. Tie the incoming and outgoing white wires together under a yellow wire nut and push them back in the box. Tie the ground wires together under a green wire nut and connect the pigtail from those ground wires to the ground screw on the switch. Connect the 2 black wires you have left to the 2 screws on the switch. Doesn't matter which black wire you connect to which screw.

How do you change three way switch to single pole switch?

If you have 3 way switches there are two controlling the light/lights. you'll have to eliminate the (1) 3 way & that will depend on how it's wired. Generally the power or line comes to the black or bronze screw of one & the black to the light from the other switch. If the one 3 way box only has (1) 3 wire cable in it it's called a loop & you just need to change the wires @ the other box. One of the black wires is the power & the other goes to the light. You'll just not use the 3 wire cable. A single pole has 2 terminals, the line can go on either one but normally you put the line on the bottom screw & the other to the light on the top screw, ( top of switch shows on when switch is up, off when down) If you have the 2 wire line in one box & the other box has the 2 wire cable to the light then you'll have pick which box you want the switch in & wire accordingly. If box 1 has the line & box 2 has the wire to the light & you want the switch in box 1 then you hook the black line wire to the bottom screw, the black or red of the 3 wire cable to the top screw. In box 2 you hook the the black to the light & the black or red together with a wire nut & cover that box with a blank cover If you want box 2 with the switch the you need to hook the line to the black or red & wire nut it box 1. In box 2 the black or red goes to the bottom & the black to the light goes to the top There are other options as well

How do you wire 3 different light switches to one power source?

Let's assume they are all switches in the same box for simplicity. If at different locations you just need to extend wires. The supply has a Black, White and bare ground wire. You basically connect the supply White wire to the white wires going to each light. Then you connect the Black wire for each light to one side of each switch. Then Connect the supply Black wire to three pigtail wires (These are short Black wires) and connected the 4 wires together in a wire nut. Make sure they are twisted together tightly and screw on the wire nut. Now take the other ends of the 3 pigtails and connect one to each of the open screws on each switch. Do the same wire nut type connection for the for 3 bare wire pigtails and connect the ground screws of each switch to the supply ground wire.

Is there a diagram of wiring three lights to one switch with power at the light?

I assume that you have an un-switched Hot (Black) and neutral (White) power in a box where you want to put a light (1st light) and two other lights you want powered by a single switch. Run a Romex cable with Black, White and Bare lead (14 gauge for 15 A circuit or 12 gauge for a 20 A circuit) to the switch. At the powered light connect the black wires together with a wire nut. Don't connect any light wire. At the switch connect the black wire you ran to one side of the switch and the white wire to the other side of switch and wrap black tape around the white wire to identify it as hot. Connect the bare wire to the green screw on switch. At the 1st light connect the black wire from the switch to the black HOT power wire. Wrap black tape on the white wire from the switch and connect to the black wire on the light and a Black wite to 2nd light and connect all these together with a wire nut. At the 1st light connect the White wire from power source to the white wire on the light and the white wire going to the 2nd light. Wire together all the bare wires in light 1 box. At second light run a romex wire to 3rd light and connect all the black wires together (3 wires) and all white wires together (3 wires) and the three bare wires. At the 3rd light connect 2 black wires together and the two white wires together. Some older lights may have two black wires. If this is the case it doesn't matter which of the two light wires you designate as "White", just pick one.

Is there a danger if you mix up ground wire and common wire when wiring a light switch?

Power out of a switch is not negative. It is still the "hot" conductor. The ground wire in a switch junction box in home wiring is the bare wire. It is nearly impossible to mix these two wires up. Most likely if the "hot" supply comes into the switch box the neutral wire will be with it. Just wire nut the two white wires together, incoming and outgoing. The two black wires will be connected to the switch to operate the light fixture.

How do you pull 1 of 6 lights off a 3-way switch and add a single switch for that 1 fixture?

Most likely the 6 lights are fed from one another. At each light there will be a black, white and ground coming into the fixture and another set leaving. The light is connected to these wires by wire-nuts. Remove the light in question from the black supply wire. From your new switch run a typical Romex wire to the light. Put black electric tape on the white wire at each end to indicate it is a hot wire. Connect the Romex black and white wire with tape to each terminal on switch. At the light end connect one wire to light wire you removed previously and the other to the wire-nut where the light was previously connected.

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