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extra small

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Q: What word does jcpenny use to describe a girl size 30-22-33?
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What major department stores have plus-size clothing?

Brands like 'Palison' offer a wide range of plus-size organic clothing options to cater to diverse body types.

You cant stand skinny jeans and you wear a size 1 where can you find them?

I get my skinny jeans at JCPenny's or at Target and Im in the same size as you . Your Welcome (lol smily face)

What sizes do Jcpenney offer their clothing in?

JCpenny offers clothing in pretty much any size imaginable. They carry clothing for both sexes from infant and newborn size to XXXL in select colors and styles.

Which stores sell cheap plus size clothing?

Forever 21 sells cheap plus size clothing both in store and online. JCPenny, OneStop, Walmart, Target, and Shasa also sell affordable plus size clothing.

Where can you find vlados for kids?

you kan get valado's size 4 and up at jouney's and jcpenny's kk, now don't bother ppl about dis ques again

What stores sell cute clothing in plus sizes?

Forever 21 sells cute and affordable clothing in plus size. Department stores also sell plus size clothing. These stores include Dillards and JcPenny.

How do you put a size on girl's clothes without a size tag?

have you girl try it on and if it fits her assume that it is her size

Where can I find plus size Jantzen swimwear?

Jantzen has a website with all their swimwear. If that doesn't work for you then try Jcpenny. Another site to check out is I hope this helps.

Which retailers sell a size 11 women's shoes?

Many stores sell size 11 women's shoes such as JCPenny, Nordstrom, Famous Footwear, ALDO, Dillards, Sears, and also the Designer Shoe Warehouse. Payless also sells size 11 shoes.

How do you describe a bat?

By its weight (oz) and Size (in) Barrel Size and what metal

Size 4 in boys size is what in girl size?


What is the average size for 2 year old girl?

The average shoe size for a 2 year old girl is a US size 8. This size is in Adult size.