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There is no single word. It is the "probability of that event" (four words).

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Q: What word means the ratio of the number of ways an event can occur to the number of possible outcomes?
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What does sample space of a probability event mean?

It means the set of all possible outcomes for the event.

Why can not 120 percent be the probabilty of some event?

COnsider some event A and the number of outcomes that are favourable to A. Then the probability of A is the number of such outcomes as a proportion of all possible outcomes (related to the trial or experiment). Defined as a proportion in this way, it can never be greater than 1. Converted to a percentage, that means it can never be greater than 100 percent.

Why is the probability measured as a number between zero and one?

Probability is the ratio of no. of possible outcomes to the maximum no. of outcomes . If any event doesnt occurs ,then it is 0/N,where N=maximum no of outcomes .and that is 0 itself ,hence that is signified by zero ,or will at max, all the possible outcomes wil occur ,which means N/N that is denoted by 1. Hence probabilty for the occurance for any event is between 0 and 1.

What do people mean by possible outcome?

Possible outcomes means things that can happen as a result of specific variables interacting together. Possible outcomes can be good or bad.

If a box contains one red ball and one blue ball and two people touch one ball randomly with a one in two chance of picking either what is the chance of the blue ball being picked twice?

One in four. The possibilities are; Red Red Blue Red Red Blue Blue Blue That means the number of ways an event can occur is one, while the number of possible outcomes is four. The definition of probability is the number of ways the event can occur over the number of possible outcomes, hence 1/4

What is the theoretical probability?

Theoretical Probability: P(event) the ratio of the number of favorable outcomes to the number of possible outcomes, written as a ratio. example: number of favorable outcomes over number of possible outcomes Amelynn is hungry, so she gets out a bowl and puts in 2 red jelly beans, 3 blue jelly beans, 12 pink jelly beans, and 3 yellow jelly beans. Amelynn likes the pink ones the best. What is the theoretical possibility of her getting a pink jelly bean? Answer: 12 over 20. (or 3 over 5 [simplest form]) Explanation: Amelynn put 20 jelly beans in the bowl. She wants the pink ones, and there are 12 pink jelly beans, which are the favorable outcomes. There are 20 jelly beans, and these are the possible outcomes. This means that it is 12 over 20. You might have to put this in simplest form as well.

What does probability means in maths?

It is the ratio of the number of outcomes that include the event that you are looking for compared with the total number of outcomes possible.Outcomes that include the event that you are looking for are often called "favourable outcomes" but that term is often inappropriate. For example, when studying the spread of an epidemic a "favourable" outcome may be catching the infection. I am not sure how many people (other than medicine makers) would consider that a favourable outcome!

What does it mean to have come undone?

To have come undone means that the end result of something is not what one had expected, particularly in a precarious situation where there are a number of possible outcomes.

How does arbitrage betting work?

Arbitrage betting is when the gambler will put a bet on different outcomes of the same event. This means the better can make a profit regardless of how the event turns out.

If SamJoe and Debbie each flip a coin how many possible outcomes are there?

I am guessing SamJoe, means SAM and JOE not one person, so three people flip a coin, we have two outcomes each times, so 23= 8 possible outcomes. If you had n people, there would be 2n outcomes. For example, if two people flip there are 4 outcomes HH TT HT or TH

What does the word permutation mean?

Permutation means one of several possible outcomes or considerations. it tends to be used when deciding whether to change arrangements and what the subsequent effects could be.

What is the probability of getting an even number if the die is rolled once?

50% A 6-sided die has 6 possible numbers that you can roll. 3 of those are even (2,4,6) That means three of the six possible outcomes will be positive. 3 divided by six is 50%

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