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4 and three tenths as a decimal = 4.3

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Q: What would 4 and three tenths look like as a decimal?
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How do you write three and two tenths as a decimal?

it would look like this 2.3

How do you write nine tenths in a decimal?

To write nine tenths as a decimal, it looks like this: .9

Where do i put the Decimal for three tenths?

Parts of a number like 3 tenths always go on the right side of the decimal point. Whole numbers go on the left side of the decimal point 3 tenths = .3

How do you write a fraction in tenths as a decimal?

You put the digit right after the decimal. For example, if you want to say 91 and 7tenths, you would show it like this:91.7 The tenths would go right after the decimal.

What does 35.052 tenths look like in a decimal notation?

35.052 tenths = 3.5052

Where would one decimal 8 look like in Word form?

1.8 = one and eight tenths

How do you find a decimal out of a fraction?

first you divide the numerator from the denominator. like if your fraction was five tenths then you would divide like this 5/10 and the calculator will give you the decimal.

How do you write nine-two million six hundred two thousand two hundred eleven and three tenths in decimal form?

It would look like this: 9 602 11.3

What does the decimal 33 tenths look like?

It is 3.3

What is the difference between hundredths and tenths?

Hundredths is two numbers behind the decimal like the 2 in this: 365.1203 And the tenths is on number behind the decimal like the 2 in this: 987.201

Write the decimal eight and four tenths?

what does fourty tenths and 7 hundredths look like

What is seven and six tenths look like as a decimal?