Where would one decimal 8 look like in Word form?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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1.8 = one and eight tenths

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Q: Where would one decimal 8 look like in Word form?
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How would you write five thousands in decimal form?

Five thousands in decimal form would be 5000.00 (to two decimal places) If you meant Five Thousandths, then it would look like 0.0005.

How do you write 0.7 in decimal word form?

You can write it like seven tenth that how i will put it like that .

How do you convert 125 into a decimal?

well 1.00 in decimal form would be like 100. Then the extra 25 would be .25 SO the ANSWER WOULD BE 1.25

How do you turn 0.9 into a decimal word form?

nine tenths words for decimal form look like words for fractions except all denominators must be multiples of 10.

How would you write this number in word form?

Just like this:"this number in word form"

How do you write 2290000000 in decimal form?

It depends on how many decimal places you want. Assuming you want 2 decimal places and then punctuating it with commas, it would be like this: 2,290,000,000.00

What does 3 times ten to the eighth power look like?

In standard form it would be written as 3x10^8. In decimal form it would be 300,000,000.

What does 78.5 look like as a decimal?

It is already a decimal in the form of 78.5

What is 21 in decimal form?

21 in decimal form can be 21.0 or 21.00 or 21.000, or however many zeros you'd like to write after the decimal point.

What is a like decimal to the decimal 0.0004?

A like decimal will have the same place value. For example, a like decimal to 0.0004 would be 0.0005.

How do you write a decimal in word form?

When writing a decimal in word form, always move left to right.Left of decimal- Write the number just as you would if there wasn't a decimal after it. Ignore the decimal and the numbers to the right of it, and just write the number to the left.Decimal- Write "point."Right of decimal- List the numbers from left to right.Write these three in that order to find the answer.Example You have 10056.07825. The number to the left is "ten thousand fifty-six", then the decimal is "point," and the numbers to the left are "zero seven eight two five."The answer is "ten thousand fifty six point zero seven eight two five."_____When you write a decimal like: 1056.2356 you would write it like this:ten thousand fifty six AND (not point) two thousand three hundred fifty six ten thousandths.

How would you write 0.9 in word form?

you would wright 0.9 in word form like this- zero and nine tenths