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it will actualy look like a obtuse angle on the bottom of the shape

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Q: What would a trapezoid look like if it had one right angle?
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What does a trapezoid look like with a right angle?


Does a trapezoid have any right angles?

Some trapezoids will, while others will not. For a trapezoid, you must have a polygon with 4 sides, with exactly two of them being parallel to each other. Your trapezoid could have a right angle if it looked like this: ____ | \ -------- But not if it looked like this: ______ / \ ---------- Trapezoids can vary in shape, so your trapezoid may or may not have a right angle.

What does a trapezoid with three right angles look like?

A trapezoid can't have three right angles. A quadrilateral with three right angles must have a total of four right angles, since a quadrilateral's interior angles add up to 360. 360 - (3*90) = 90, so the fourth angle would have to be right as well. A quadrilateral with four right angles is not a trapezoid; instead it is a rectangle or a square.

How would you describe a right angle?

A right angle is an angle that is equal to 90 degrees. It looks more like an L-shaped angle.

What does a right trapezoid look like?

A rectangle

What would a polygon look like if it had no right angles and one of its sides is parallel?

it's a trapezoid

What is a shape that looks like a rectangle but has a slant on the right hand side?

its a trapezoid. the slant doesn't necessarily have to be on the right hand side, both sides can be slanted and it would still be a trapezoid.

What does a trapezoid with two right angles look like?

A trapezoid has four sides, where two of it's sides are opposite and parallel. If a trapezoid has two right angles that are adjacent to one another, it is called a right trapezoid.

How would triangle look like with a right angle or a obtuse angle?

The other two angles would be acute angles

What would a sixty three degree angle look like?

A 63o angle would be narrower than a 90o angle (right angle), and wider than a 45o angle (halfway between a right angle and no angle), placed almost exactly between these two angles.

What does the picture of a one and one half right angle look like?

It would be a 135 degree angle!

How are a trapezoid and a parallelogram different?

A trapezoid and parallelogram are both quadrilaterals. Their top and bottoms are parallel. In a parallelogram, all four sides are parallel making it look like a rectangle that was pushed on an angle. The trapezoid is more like the shape of an "A" with a square top.

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