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It would be a straight line of length bc

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Q: What would a triangle look like if ab plus ac equals bc?
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How does a triangle with all angles less than a right angle look?

The angles would need to be equal to 60 degrees, so it would be an acute triangle. The triangle would look like a normal equilateral triangle.

If the earth was a triangle what would it look like?

i think it would look like a pyrimad with all kinds of colors i belive

What does a triangle with only two sides equal look like on a grid paper?

It is an isosceles triangle and would look like a cone shape on graph paper

What does a congruent triangle look like?

If a triangle is congruent to another triangle, they are exactly the same. therefore, a congruent triangle can look like anything.

What does an isoscles triangle look like?

a triangle ;)

What does the triangle in pool look like?

it looks like a triangle

What does The map of to Bermuda triangle look like?

The Bermuda Triangle is made up of an imaginary line drawn from Miami Beach, Florida to Puerto Rico, and then to Bermuda, which forms the triangle. Wikipedia has a map and additional information about the Bermuda Triangle.

What kind of triangle have an angle that measures 179 degrees?

It will be an obtuse or an isosceles triangle which would look like a straight line

What shape when you look at it from the top looks like a circle and when you look at it from thefront it looks like a triangle and when you look at it from the side it looks like a triangle?

A Cone

What does a triangle pyramid look like?

It looks like a 3-D triangle.

What would a diagram look like that represents the statement If it is a triangle then it has three vertices?

Figure A

Whet is an isocolese triangle look like?

An isocolese triangle is look like two sides are same long.