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to many to count... 100 dimes 1 quarter. 41 quarters. 50 dimes 21 quarters

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Q: What would add up 10.25 with quarters and dimes?
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How many quarters are in 18 dimes and 9 nickels?

Well 18 dimes would be $1.80, while 9 nickels would be $0.45. Add those together and you have $2.25. When you divide that by $0.25 (quarter), you get 9 quarters.

Why are there ridges on dimes and quarters?

The ridges on the edges of dimes and quarters was designed to prevent both counterfeiting and 'clipping' -- the practice of shaving some of the metal off the edge, which would quickly add up, seeing as the coins were originally made of silver.

Robert found 24 coins 13 of them were pennies 14 of them were nickels 16 of them were dimes and the rest were quarters how many pennies dimes nickels and quarters did Robert find?

The question suggests that there are 24 coins. 13 of them are pennies, 14 are nickels, and 16 are dimes and the rest are quarters. To answer this question, One would add the number of pennies, nickels, and dimes and subtract the sum of those coins from 24. The difference of the two numbers would be the amount of quarters. However, 13+14+16=43. 24-43= -19 There can't be -19 quarters.

If you have three quarters four dimes and four cents you have 1.19 but you cannot make exact change for a dollar?

take away 2 dimes and add a penny

Why is 200 quarters 150 dimes and 300 pennies 68 dollars?

it is because if you times it by its own worth and then add it you will get $68

A man has a mixture of nickels dimes and quarters in his pocket. He has 12 coins in all with a total of $1.20. If he had twice as many dimes as quarters how many of each coin does he have?

Each quarter is 25, and he has X quarters. Each dime is 10, and he has 2X dimes. Each nickel is 5. He has 12 coins in total, and all of the ones that are not quarters or dimes are nickels. Since quarters and dimes have to come in sets of 3, that's 12-3X. 25X + 10(2X) + 5(12-3X) = 120 25X + 20X - 15X + 60 =120 30X + 60 = 120 30X = 60 X = 2 He has 2 quarters, 4 dimes, and 6 nickels. To double check let's add them up: (2 * 25) + (4* 10) + (6 * 5) = 120

You have 1000 coins to make 199.90 how many dimes and quarters?

This is a system of equations. Let d= number of dimes. q= number of quarters. d+q=1000 -> 10d + 10q = 10000 .10d+.25q=199.90-> -10d+(-25q)=-19990 Multiply each equation to get one of the variables to drop out. Add the equations. (-15q)=(-9990) q=666 1000-666=334 There are 666 quarters and 334 dimes.

What is 3 quarters add 3 quarters?

3 quarters add 3 quarters = 6

What 5 coins add up to 50 cents and the coins are not the same?

two quarters, two dimes and a nickel: One half dollar, and one dime and two nickels

Tanisha has 70 coins all quarters and dimes there are 30 more quarters than dimes find the number of each type of coin?

To answer a question like this,you need to think a little bit. The question is really "What combination of numbers of coins will add up to 70, and has a difference of 30 between the two numbers?" For example, lets say old Tanisha had 10 dimes and 60 quarters - 10 plus 60 indeed adds up to 70, for the number of coins we're looking for, but the difference between 10 and 60 is 50, not quite the 30 we are looking for. But we're on the right track. How about 20 and 50? Hmm... adds up to 70... and has a difference of 30. So ol' Tanisha has 50 quarters and 20 dimes. Not a bad stash.

How many ways can you make 75 cents using 5 nickels 3 dimes and 2 quarters?

This looks difficult at first, but think of it this way: add up all of your coins (5 x .05) + (3 x .10) + (2 x .25) is 1.05, so you are 30 cents over the 75 cents. So figure out ways that you can make 30 cents with the available coins, take those away from 1.05 and you have 75 cents.Remember these are the coins that you are taking away from $1.05Start with 1 quarter, the only thing you can do is add a nickel to that to make 30 cents.Use 1 dime, then you need 20 more cents, so use 4 nickels.Use 2 dimes, then you need 10 more cents, so use 2 nickels.Use 3 dimes and you have 30 cents.So now we can figure the coin combinations to use:1 quarter, 3 dimes, 4 nickels2 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel2 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels2 quarters, 0 dimes, 5 nickels

How many combinations of coins make 65 cents?

It gets to be a lot of work to find them all. I will show you how to do it without the pennies, then it will just take a bit of time to do the next step and do it with pennies if you want to use those too. Think about using 2 quarters, 1 quarter or no quarters. If you use 2 quarters, you have to make the remaining 15¢ with either no dimes or 1 dime and the rest has to be in nickels. That gives us 2 ways. If you use 1 quarter, you have to make the remaining 40¢ with either no dimes, 1 dime, 2 dimes, 3 dimes or 4 dimes and the rest, if there is any, has be to in nickels. That's 5 more ways. If you don't use any quarters, you have to make the entire 65¢ with either 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 dimes and the rest in nickels. That's 7 more ways. 2+5+7 = 14 ways in all. Now go through the same process but add in pennies!