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The question is underspecified:

Do you mean:

  • people dying of plague as a percentage of the total population?
  • people dying from the plague as a percentage of people dying from all causes?

In either case, it would also be helpful to know where and when.

I would suggest that on Antarctica, in the sixth century, the percentage of people dying from plague was zero!

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Q: What would be the percentage of people dying from the plague?
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How did people infected with the plague eat?

They didn't eat. They were feverish, delirious, and dying. They may have had an occasional sip of water, but nothing would have stayed down anyway.

What do you do when you get shot in the head?

you die you could but you might not. the percentage of dying would be 70% and the percentage of surviving would be 30%.

How long did the abortive plague last in the body?

After 4 days to a week you would die or start the process of dying.

How did the outbreak of the plague in the 14th century contribute to the decline of fuedalism in Europe?

When People died of the Plague, the other people could get increased pay because there would be less people.

How scared was William Shakespeare of the Bubonic Plague?

very scared as you would be if your 2 sisters, 2 of your brothers and your only son were dying around you from the disease.

What do people pray to the god Apollo for?

people would pray to Apollo for what I believe, if there was a plague and for medicine.

Gaelic word for plague?

Plague in noun form would be plá but if you mean plague, as in to annoy, it would be ciap.

What not to do when you have the plague?

You would not want to have contact with any other people, as you might infect them. Today the few cases of plague that occur are treated with antibiotics.

How was the plague dealt with?

the black plague was dealt with by people putting red crosses upon there doors. people also belived that dogs and cats were to blame as they would hold the devil inside

Why was the European plague known as the Black Plague?

Roaches gave deadly disease to rats, rats gave to people, people gave to other people. The European plague was called the Black Death because lymph nodes would become swollen and then die. They would be black so this plague was called the Black Death for this reason. Rats carried fleas, the fleas carried the microbe that caused black death in them and when they bit they passed it on to people.

What happened during the bubonic plague?

Well the bubonic plague was devastating, the people and animals who lived in that times must have been scared to the bone. if you would have had the plague you would have died in about 5 days or less even the animals would have got it. people in those days blamed the cats and dogs for the plague. some people thought it was the lord punishing them so they whipped them self so the lord would stop the pain. 1/3 of the population died during this. You would know if you had the plague because you would have large black lumps on your throat and you would cough blood. Your nails and toe nails would become black and you would find it hard to walk and talk.

Why did so many people die in the black plague?

because it was a spreading plague. that means people would catch it from other people. just like a common flu or cold, your dad my have it then you might catch it off him.

Was eating their own poo a cure for black plague?

There was no cure for plague, although a lot of people did some incredibly stupid things in the hopes that it would be. This was one of them.

How did people first hear about the plague?

They would hear about it when messengers and merchants arrived in their towns and villages with news of an awful plague that was wiping out entire populations.

What animal carries the plague?

That depends on what plague you are talking about. A plague of what? If you are asking about the black plague then the answer would be fleas that were carried around by rodents.

Why did the Black Plague cause the Renaissance?

During the Black Plague the people of Europe became fixated on religion and the after life. One of the many reasons for this fixation was the growth of the Roman Catholic Church. Their influence powered over the ideas of the local lords this was mainly because of the lack of government over the people. The church was able to raise money through taxes on peasants and lords wanting the "favor" of God through money. This growth allowed churches to be established in villages subsequently allowing priests to help the needed. Priests would often speak of death to peasants and lords by means of praying to those who were dying. Death was all around the men and women of Europe. To find a way to calm them, they turned toward the afterlife and what it would hold. The population of Europe in the first four years of the plague, declined drastically. By the 1400's, the amount of deaths due to plague reached 20 to 30 million people. The quantity of people that had died in the plague made the public lead to the belief that the plague had become biblical for many reasons. The plague was thought to be an individual or force that would pursue any person who attempted to flee. This made various inhabitants consider that God had an ongoing biblical plague. Christians believed that this new biblical plague was created to rid the world of "pain". It was contemplated that simply a definite quantity of pain is in the world. The suffering of others would give one an improved manner of life. There were numerous amounts of reasons for people believing additionally in the afterlife and religion. The Holy Roman Empire influenced the population to believe in religion. The 20 to 30 million people that died during the plague gave people first hand account on death to allocate themselves to hypothesize on what would take place in the afterlife. The "biblical" plague would show how people would lead to a religious based conclusion on a horrible act. In conclusion, during the Black Plague the people of Europe became fixated on religion and the after life.

Did you tell people when you caught the plague?

Well, every so often a Dr. would come and check on you and your family, and he would know the symptoms of the plague.Then he would lock you and everyone else who lived in the house up.After if the person who has the plague is dead the rest of the family (if they have not caught the plague yet) will stay in the house for 40 day's and night's.If they have not caught the plague yet they are free to leave.

How did people stop themselves from getting the plague?

some people had a natural ammunity to it also some people would take their holy items such as crosses and vases and beat themselves in a church to make god have mercy on them and save them from the plague.

What did they do to people in the Civil War if they were dying?

when people started dying in the civil war, they would have medical teams on hand, usually women and doctors would pick them up on stretchers, and transfer them to the nearest medical unit.

How did the black plague effect people?

the infected flea would jump on to a human and bite them wich would infect the person.

Are Black cat Protectors the Egypt?

They don't have to be black cats. Also, cats aren't really "protectors" they just keep away the evil spirits of the dead and also keep away Anubis who is basicly a tells you in the first "The Mummy" movie :D The only instince where a black cat has significance would be Halloween. But the origin of the Black Cat has nothing to do with Halloween, it refers to the time of The Black Plague. A theory that the dying people came up with was that cats were the cause of the horrid disease. Because the people wanted to stop the Bubonic Plague, they killed any cat they could find. The "Black" cat part is because the Bubonic Plague is also known as the "Black" Plague, thus the Black Cat came about. It was considered bad luck if a black cat crossed your path because it would mean that you would get the Bubonic Plague.

How did the fact that Guangzhou and Hong Kong were busy ports speed the spread of the plague?

If they were busy ports, there would be a lot of people there to catch the plague and spread it to friends, families, etc.

How did people get rid of bodies during the black death?

they burned them so that the plague on there bodies would hopefully not be transfered to other people.

Would the plague doctor get paid?

yes the plague doctor would get paid tuppence [2 cents] a day.

What actually caused the black death?

Bubonic Plague - was spread by the fleas who lived on plague-infected rats, and such rats were ubiquitous on trading ships. But the people of that time believed that the plague was a punishment from god too punish the wicked and the good people would be saved by god.Pneumonic Plague - could spread with a sneeze and jump from person to person with terrifying speed.Septicemic Plague - spread through contact with open sores