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Each tile would therefore measure 2 ft x 2 ft. The ceiling would be 7 tiles x 7 tiles. The width of the ceiling would be 7 tiles x 2 feet = 14 feet.

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Q: What would be the width of a a ceiling covered by 49 square tiles when the tiles are 4 square feet?
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How many square vinyl tiles 20 cm on a side are needed to cover a floor 6m by 5m?

Lets do length and width in terms of tiles. The length is 6m/0.2m/tile 30 tiles and the width is 5m/0.2m/tile 25 tiles. Then the area is l X w 30 tiles X 25 tiles 750 square tiles. Since each tile is square, 750 tiles.

How do you measure the square feet of a groin vault ceiling?

Groin vault ceiling: length x width.

How many 100 square inch tiles do I need if its a 200 foot room?

There is not sufficient information to answer the question. Saying that the room is 200 foot long conveys no information at all on its width and, therefore, on the area that needs to be covered by the tiles.

How do you figure the square footage of a ceiling?

Multiply the length of the ceiling (in feet) by the width of the ceiling (in feet). For example, if a ceiling is 4 ft by 6 feet, the area would be 24 sq ft.

How do you calculate square yards for wallpaper?

Measure the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. Measure the width of the wall. Multiply height x width = square footage. For square yards, divide the square footage by 9.

Do you include ceiling height when measuring the square feet of a room?

No, just length X width.

How many 9x12 tiles need for 41 square feet?

Please mention the length and width of the room to get 41 sq.feet.after that we can calculate the number of tiles required.

How many square feet is a 20x20 ceiling?

400 square feet. To calculate square feet simply multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

How many carpet tiles would you need for a 14x14 room?

If the carpet tiles you are using are the standard 12" square, then multiple your length and width to get the square footage. In this case your room would need a minimum of 196 tiles. CHeck the box for pattern repeat and remember to add tiles for damage and waste.

What percentage of a square could be covered by a circle of the same width?


How do you work out how many tiles you need to tile a room?

What kind of tiles? For the floor or walls also? Simplest example. 12x12 floor tiles. 10x12 room. One length times one width. 10x12=120 12x20 room, 240 tiles. 6x6 tiles there are 4 tiles in each square foot of floor space 10x12x4=480 Whatever you are doing, one length times one width gives you the square footage. Then figure how much each tile covers and multiply.

What is the formula for square feet including ceiling?

' L ' = length of the room ' W ' = width of the room ' H ' = height of the ceiling Floor = ( L W ) square feet Ceiling = ( L W ) square feet 2 walls = ( L H ) square feet, each other 2 walls = ( W H ) square feet, each