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8000*2.5/100 = 200

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Q: What would be the yearly earnings for a person with 8000 in savings at annual interest rate of 2.5?
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What would be the yearly earnings for a person with 6000 in savings at an annual interest rate at 5.5 percent?


What is considered to be a high interest savings account rate?

High interest savings account rates vary, depending upon the bank a person selects. A higher interest savings account rate could be anywhere from 0.75% to 1.00%.

What is EBIDAT?

Earnings before interest and depreciation after taxes # I don't believe this person's answer is correct - after a long search I found the following meaning "Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, Amortisation >And< Tax" #

What effect does getting a high school diploma tend to have on a person annual earnings?

it tends to increase your earning

What does a CD savings account do for me?

A CD savings account might earn money for you. This type of savings account earns interest for the person who purchases the CD.

How can one ensure they are receiving the best interest rates on their savings accounts?

Savings accounts are very important for people who needs to learn how to save. In order to make sure a person is receiving the best interest rates is if the person ask many questions to a broker about their interest finances.

Where can one find the best savings interest rate online?

There are a number of places where one can find good or excellent savings interest rates online, though it would be up to the person to decide which rate is best of them. Some websites with good savings interest rates information include Rate City and CNBC.

Where can one find more information on the best current interests rates on savings accounts?

A person can find the best current interest rates on savings accounts by visiting branch offices of local banks in their area and comparing interest rates.

Is an AXA variable annuity a good savings option for a young person?

No it is not a good savings investment. It's best to have a savings account with your preffered bank choice. Save some money and never touch. As a young person saves money interest starts paying up.

What is a savings or deposit account?

It is a bank account where a person will make regular, monthly savings to build up capital. The savings or deposit account will not normally come with a card or cheque book and the savings in it will attract a higher rate of interest than a normal bank account. However you lose this high rate of interest if you withdraw your money suddenly or before a certain period,

Choosing the Right Savings Account?

When making the decision to open a savings account, there are many considerations a savvy consumer must keep in mind. By carelessly opening a savings account, a consumer risks throwing himself or herself into an account that may cost them money in the long run. In addition, it may difficult to close a particular savings account depending upon the bank. A person also does not want to choose the wrong savings account and then later have to close it. Sometimes, closing a savings account can reflect very poorly on a credit report. This is every consumer's worst nightmare, so it is important to research thoroughly and avoid making this mistake that other consumers have made in the past. First, it is important to consider the interest rate of a savings account. If one is new to the process of opening a savings account, it is important to understand that savings accounts actually pay consumers to keep their money locked up in the account. A consumer can make various amounts of money each month due to the interest rate of a savings account. This interest rate is referred to as an annual percentage yield (APY). Various banks have various annual percentage yields, so it is important to shop around and find the banks with the most solid interest rates. The higher the interest rate, the more money a person will make on the money he or she keeps locked up in a savings account. Another consideration to make is how easy it will be to access one's money in a savings account. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be very difficult to withdraw money from a savings account once a person has deposited it. Sometimes banks require that a person keep a minimum amount of money in a savings account at all times. This means that a person will have to always have a certain amount of money in the savings account and will never be able to spend that money. Other times, a person will have to go through a lengthy process to withdraw money. Or, sometimes a bank will take a long time to get the money to a consumer. Sometimes, it can take days for a person to receive money withdrawn from a savings account. Overall, opening a savings account is not a difficult process. However, one must do the necessary research to be fully aware of the process and understand the benefits of different accounts.

Why would you want a credit card with no annual fee but a high interest rate?

You wouldn't want a high interest rate, necessarily. However, if you had a choice between a credit card with an annual fee and one without, you would need to see how the interest rates compared. A person with a very low level of debt, such as one who paid out the credit card balance monthly, the high interest rate might not be a deciding factor compared to the annual fee. Remember, the annual fee will also have interest charged on it.

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