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Q: What is the gross if a person makes 425.00 a week?
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What is a sentence for the word gross?

Depends on the meaning: The food at the party was gross, I had food poisoning for a week. or how about I get paid $100 a week gross, $90 after tax.

How many years are in a gross of a week?

there are 2.75 years in a gross of weeks

A person earning 7.75 an hour in a thirty-hour workweek will earn approximately how much gross pay per week?


What is 30hrsweek at 17.50hr gross salary?

$525.00 a week

How much do a person who makes 76.3K a year make in a week?

divide by 52 weeks in a year 76.3/52 = 1.467 K/week = 1467/week

How can you use gross income in a sentence?

"I receive a gross income of $750 per week from my employer."

Find a worker's gross pay if they are paid a straight piecework rate of 2.25 for every frame the worker makes. This week the worker produced 352 frames. Remember to use this formula Numbers and times?

Gross pay: 352 times 2.25 = 792

What is the weekly gross pay for 27580.00?

$27580.00 per week.

What is is the gross pay if the annual salary is 37500?

721.15 a week

Lily Quinn makes 12.50 and hour She works 40 hours a week What is her gross pay?

$500.00, this one didn't need a calculator. 12.50 an hour is fifty for four hours.

How do you calculate anal salary to her gross pay per week?


How can you make 1200 dollars in a week?

To make 1200 a week takes a skill or education. A person who makes min. wage at 8.00 an hour will gross 1200 a month if they work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a month. This is without taxes and SSI taken out. To earn a clear 1200 a week AFTER taxes/SSI requires a good job. To get a good job you need an education/training. The lowest wage you could earn is 40.00 an hour. A plumber earns that and more per hour, so does an electrician, but they have a skill.