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Metric ruler

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Q: What would be used to find the mass of your pencil?
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What units would you measure the weight of a pencil in?

The units grams would be a good choice.

What is the personification for a pencil?

what would a pencil say to a hand?

What unit would is used to measure the mass of an eraser?

8 grams

What unit would be used to find the mass of an orange?


What tool is used to measure mass of pencil case?

You would use a scale. You are NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

What metric unit would be used to find the mass of your wristwatch?

The gram.

What Si unit would you use to measure the width of a pencil lead?

Pencil lead is very narrow. Millimeter can be used to measure it.

What would you use to measure a pencil case grams or kilograms?

I would use grams, although i have heard both terms used. Hope you find out!

What would be used to measure the length of a pencil?

a ruler!

What is the most appropriate unit for expressing the weight of a pencil?

In my opinion, the best unit for measuring the weight of a pencil would be grams. :)* * * * *Grams may be used for measuring mass, but that is not the same as weight. The best unit is probably a milliNewton.

What unit would you use to measure a pencil?

The answer will depend on whether you want the mass of a pencil, its weight, its length, width, volume. You may want to measure its colour!

How hot does pencil lead have to be to explode?

Pencil lead used to explode fairly easily when I lived in Bulgaria in 1995. We used to make it explode with only a lighter. It would take about a minute to make a 2 inch piece of lead explode. When I moved to America, I was sad to find that American pencil lead does not explode.